33 RACS 3

A RACS soldier in 2006, armed with a G36 rifle.

The Royal Army Corps of Sahrani is the name of the armed forces of the Kingdom of Sahrani. Before 2007, it was the military of South Sahrani.

Overview Edit

As of 2006, South Sahrani soldiers wear U.S.-style DBDU desert camouflage uniforms and are armed with NATO weapons. They have no heavy main battle tanks, but rather only a small number of M113 armored personnel carriers and Land Rover Defenders. They have no sizable air force or navy, instead only a small number of helicopters and inflatable rafts used for littoral transportation. Though they are trained by the U.S. Army, according to one U.S. soldier in 2006, "They just want to know how to march pretty", hinting that they may not be as formidable as they seem.

In Queen's Gambit, which takes place after North Sahrani's defeat, the RACS occupy the whole island of Sahrani. Their arsenal is somewhat expanded, as they have captured T-72 tanks from the North Sahrani SLA.

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