Arma 2 Scar-H

SCAR-H wielded by US Special Forces personnel in Takistan

The SCAR is a series of assault rifle made by FN Herstal for the US Special Operations Command. Two main variants were designed, the SCAR-L (L for Light, referring to its usage of 5.56x45 mm ammunition) and SCAR-H (H for Heavy, referring to the use of 7.62x51 mm NATO rounds for this version) and both are represented in game. In reality, SCAR-L's development was suspended in 2010 while SCAR-H continue to equip Special Forces units around the world today. Alternatively, the rifle is referred to as Mk. 16 (SCAR-L) and Mk. 17 (SCAR-H).

Appearances Edit

ArmA 2 Edit

Arma 2 scar L action

A US soldier fires his SCAR-L in an engagement

Both variants of the SCAR series first appeared in ArmA 2 in its standalone expansion Operation Arrowhead. It is exclusively used by the US Army faction.

While in real-life, the SCAR-L was intended for special operators and had its development terminated in 2010, the game ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead depicted the rifle to be a successor to the M16 and M4 series, taking its place as the main assault rifle of the US Army. It also equips US Army pilots and crewmen, taking the place of the MP5.

SCAR-H is depicted closer to reality, by only equipping it to US Special Forces personnel and marksmen.

In-Game Data Edit

ArmA 2 Edit

SCAR-L/Mk. 16: Edit

  • Type: Assault rifle
  • Caliber: 5.56x45 mm NATO
  • Accessories: EGLM grenade launchers, infrared lasers, holographic sights, red-dot sights, ACOG scopes, iron sights, flashlights
  • Magazines used: 20-round and 30-round STANAG, 30-round silenced STANAG (some variants), 30-round G36 magazines
  • Users: US Army

SCAR-H/Mk. 17: Edit

  • Type: Assault rifle, Battle rifle, Designated Marksman rifle
  • Caliber: 7.62x51 mm NATO
  • Accessories: EGLM grenade launchers, infrared lasers, red-dot sights, ACOG scopes, flashlights
  • Magazines used: 20-round 7.62x51 mm NATO magazines
  • Users: US Army (Special Forces and Marksmen only)


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