« The SMAW (Shoulder-launched Multipurpouse Assault Weapon) is a small rocket weapon, which operates as a portable anti-armor rocket launcher. It fires highly-explosive dual-purpose rockets with an effective range of 500 m and is useful against bunkers, masonry, concentrated walls and light armor.
Armoury Description

Faction USMC
Type Rocket Launcher
Caliber 83 mm
Variants None
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The SMAW (full name: Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon) is an 83 mm rocket launcher that is exclusively used by the U.S. Marines in ArmA 2.

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The SMAW is a reloadable, shoulder-launched, unguided, 83 mm rocket launcher.

It is able to load and fire rockets fitted with either high-explosive anti-armour (HEAA) or high-explosive dual purpose (HEDP) warheads, and has an effective range of up to 550 metres. The launcher is fitted with a magnified optical sight that has a magnification strength of 2.5x.

The SMAW was the primary medium anti-tank weapon wielded by U.S. Marine weapon teams operating in Chernarus at the height of Operation Harvest Red. It is designed to be a rugged weapon that packs the same amount of firepower as the lighter M136, while being more versatile and capable of tackling non-armoured vehicle threats.

The SMAW's HEAA rockets are optimised to take on medium armoured vehicles like the Russian BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle. HEDP rockets on the other hand, have less penetration but have a much larger blast radius compared to the standard HEAA rocket, and are designed to be used against infantry, buildings, and softer-skinned vehicles such as the Vodnik or BTR-90 IFV.


A U.S. Marine prepares to fire the SMAW.

In terms of capabilities, the SMAW is almost identical to its U.S. Army counterpart; both have a magnified optic for aiming, have an almost identical diameter (munitions-wise), and have two types of rockets designed for either anti-vehicle or anti-personnel/structure use.

However, the SMAW's rockets are lighter to carry as they only take up two inventory slots. The MAAWS on the other hand, require three slots and limits its user to being able to make use of two per person (without a backpack or assistant). A SMAW operator can carry up to three rockets at once while having the same number of slots available for their primary weapon.

But just like the MAAWS, the SMAW is not designed to be used against Main Battle Tanks or any other heavily armoured ground vehicles, as the SMAW's HEAA warhead is not powerful enough to penetrate the thick armour of modern MBTs such the T-90. In the case of the latter, it is strongly advised to use dedicated ATGM launchers instead, as attempting to use the SMAW against such threats will simply result in the user wasting their supply of rockets.

Trivia Edit

  • The in-game counterpart lacks the ability to make use of the 7.62 mm/9 mm spotting rifle that is usually fitted onto the right side of real SMAWs.
  • Like the Javelin, the SMAW is strangely shown using the same reloading animation as the RPG-7V. In reality, the system is reloaded by removing the (now empty) rear casing and attaching a new one to the end of the launcher tube.

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