Assumed to be fielded by NATO and CTRG personnel, the SPAR-17 is a 7.62mm marksman rifle available with the Apex DLC.


Faction NATO, CTRG
Type Designated marksman rifle
Caliber 7.62x51 mm NATO
20 Rounds
Variants SPAR-16
« The SPAR-17 designated marksman rifle is in many ways similar to the SPAR-16. The main difference is the chambering to 7.62 mm which also means a longer, thicker barrel and more weight. Thanks to the more powerful ammunition, the SPAR-17 is most suitable for ranges from 600 to 800 meters. The rifle offers a single and full auto mode and is, like the SPAR-16, compatible with a large number of accessories. »

Trivia Edit

  • The SPAR-17 is based on the latest variant of the HK417 (HK417A2) by Heckler & Koch.

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