Faction Civilian
Type Luxury 4x4
Seats 4
1 × Driver
3 × Passengers
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed ~215 km/h
Fuel capacity Unknown
Primary armament None
Secondary armament None
Variants Silver
Dark red


The SUV is a wheeled luxury civilian vehicle.

Overview Edit

« A full-size luxury crossover SUV, not particularly suitable for off-road but with good on-road ability. Its powerful engine and 4x4 contribute to the enjoyable rides in higher speeds.
Field manual

ArmA 2 Edit

The SUV in ArmA 2 is used by the United Nations, Takistan Army, and ION, Inc (who also have an armored version).

ArmA 3 Edit

The SUV in ArmA 3 is used by civilians and appears to be based on the BMW X6.

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Favicon Wikipedia Wikipedia: BMW X6

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