Sabotage is an auxiliary operation in ArmA: Armed Assault. It is one of two auxiliary missions available in preparation for Operation Dolores


The SLA want to reinforce their position to the North of Dolores, to do this they intend to build a large new camp near the city of Gelardo as a holding place for more of their troops. They're sending a convoy of Ural trucks filled with supplies to build the camp. We intercepted this information by radio and we're pretty sure that it's not a trap. We will deliver you there by boat, be sure it doesn't get damaged, because it is the last one that we have. We are sending one of our best scouts over there, after your landing he'll immediately take up a position near to the road that the convoy will travel along, he will report to you when the convoy is close to the city. Then he will return to the boat and wait for you in the driver's position where he will be ready for a speedy departure once you complete your objective and return to his location. 

  • Go to the city and prepare your sabotage.
  • Destroy all the Ural trucks in the convoy, which is moving from the base on Corazol to location near the city of Gelardo.
  • Once you have completed the mission, head back to the boat. 


The enemy convoy will approach from the north. It will take the main road into the village, and make a right turn at the T-junction before heading west. The convoy has two BMP escorts, one leading, and one behind. If the convoy is alerted or attacked, the trucks will attempt a slightly different path such as navigating around the village.

First, the saboteur should head to the church, and look for the vehicle. This vehicle stores additional satchel charges, mines and RPGs that can be used to destroy the convoy.

Mines can be used to catch vehicles that escape, or as a means to determine when to set off the satchel charges. Note that a civilian will enter a car and drive to the west exit. If you plant mines on the road before the civilian does so, you will cause a civilian casualty.

Satchel charges can be places anywhere on the road. The convoy itself may be spaced out slightly, thus you may have the satchel charges spread out to catch as many targets as possible.

At around 5 minutes to noon, your scout reports a visual on the convoy. Soon thereafter, a loud bell will ring to get the civilians off the streets. Destroy any vehicles with the satchel charges and mines, and finish off the remaining trucks with the RPG. When you've done all damage you could, return to the boat.

The BMPs are only disabled by the weapons, not destroyed. The crewmen inside will disembark, and you may encounter them on-foot.