39 N Sahrani

Flag of the Democratic Republic of Sahrani.

The Sahrani Liberation Army (SLA) was the main military force of the Democratic Republic of Sahrani until its defeat in 2007. At the peak, it had approximately 6,000 active members.

SLA soldiers were armed with mostly Soviet-era equipment such as AK-74 rifles. They carried an entrenching tool and sleeping bag on their backs and wore steel helmets.

The SLA also had a highly-trained specialized commando unit known as the Especas.

The main attack helicopter used by the SLA was the Ka-50.

History Edit

The Sahrani Liberation Army was founded on 15 April, 1949. Its origins are in a rebel movement which fought against the oppressive monarchy. After the revolution, the Democratic Republic of Sahrani was founded and its armed forces obtained equipment from the USSR.

2006: Sahrani War (ArmA) Edit

During the final stages of U.S. troops departure in 2006, the SLA invaded the southern Kingdom of Sahrani. Due to the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani's lack of combat experience and the United States Army being mostly withdrawn, its advance was initially quick. However, United States Marine Corps reinforcements later managed to repulse the offensive and launch a counteroffensive which defeated the SLA.

During the conflict, they were nicknamed "Slags" due to their name.

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