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Sam Nichols is a playable character in the Cold War Crisis campaign.

Operation Flashpoint Edit

Cold War Crisis (1985)Edit

Sam Nichols appears as the UH-60 Blackhawk pilot stationed on Malden, doing mostly troop transport. Then he is promoted to the AH-1 Cobra pilot and participates in the attacks on the Soviet convoys. He also has an important role in an air attack on St. Pierre, where the last Soviet forces on Everon remain.

After the liberation of Everon he is chosen to fly an A-10 on the search and destroy mission on Kolgujev. However, on his first mission he is shot down and captured by the Soviets. He is then shown to the American forces as the hostage which would be executed if the American forces don't retreat from the islands. However, he manages to escape and reach the American forces on the southern part of Kolgujev.

Status Quo (1991)Edit

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