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June 22nd 1992 (Age 43)















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Captain Scott F. Miller, is a major character in Arma 3. He is a British captain who is the last surviving NATO officer on Stratis. He leads NATO soldiers against the AAF and later joins the FIA. It later becomes apparent that Miller had been using both the FIA and NATO forces as a diversion since the start, to pursue his objective assigned to his CTRG team, which is to find and acquire CSAT's experimental weapon, known as the "Eastwind Device".

Miller is voiced by Micheal Pitthan

The East Wind Edit

Survive Edit

During the 'Survive' campaign Captain Scott Miller appears during the opening cinematic where he and his UKSF team are dropped off by UH-80 Ghost Hawk 'Echo'. After this, he is heard by Kerry and Lacey, calling all surviving NATO forces to regroup at Camp Maxwell. Once Kerry and his squad arrive at Maxwell, he meets him at the first meeting informing the survivors of the situation and creates three squads: Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. A fourth squad, Delta, is compromised of his own UKSF team. for a period of time, he commands the NATO survivors in their campaign against the AAF. After orchestrating several missions which Kerry and his team carry out, mostly supported by Bravo and Delta, twice with Charlie. The squads soon begin to take casualties and Miller decides to contact the FIA and get supplies. The mission is unsuccessful and Maxwell is bombarded by AAF mortars. At Maxwell at the time, Miller contacts all of the squads and tells them to wait until the shelling stopped. Alpha disobeyed his order and went on to return. When Alpha arrives, Miller is glad to see them thinking they were killed in the bombardment. After greeting them, Miller tells the squads that NATO is planning an invasion and tells the squads to assault Camp Rogain, the Kamino Firing Range, and Agia Marina, after this, he brings out a gun and is later heard and seen with Delta so it is assumed he took direct command of Delta. After losing comms with Charlie, Miller witnesses the CSAT invasion and orders Alpha and Bravo to return to his position where there are boats. When Kerry arrives the boats leave and later Kerry asks where they are going. He tells him that they are leaving for Altis to regroup with the FIA when an AAF Buzzard flies overhead and capsizes the boats. Nothing is known how Miller survived by the destruction of his boat or came into contact with the FIA after the end of survive

Adapt Edit

After making contact with local FIA guerillas, Miller creates an RV for Stavrou to meet at. When he tries to contact Stavrou, he is answered by Kerry, upon hearing of his survival Miller is shown to be very happy at Kerry's survival hinting that Miller is fond of Kerry, after telling Kerry about a new RV, he is suddenly trapped by several CSAT soldiers who are on patrol. After Kerry saves his life Miller thanks him and moves to the FIA's main camp where he is welcomed by Stavrou and meets up with the rest of his UKSF team. While on an operation to steal fuel, Miller calls his squad away for an unknown reason possibly to attack another target relating to his team's primary objective, the Eastwind device, after the mission Miller leads his team in several missions for the FIA and tries to convince Kerry to give him fuel to take out a high ranking officer. When the FIA try to take down an airfield for the upcoming NATO invasion, Miller and his team peel off for the attack and causes a miscommunication which leads to the supposed death of Stavrou and all of Kerry's squad.

Win Edit

During Win, Miller is not seen on screen unless the player choses the 'game over' ending for the campaign. For most of the time, Miller and his team continue to hunt the device until the UKSF squad is massacred at a facility. Every member of the team is killed, except Miller, who survives because he was at their base camp, near the submarine. If the player chooses Game Over, Miller is confronted by Kerry who demands answers. Miller angrily explains his mission objectives, and admits that he spoiled the NATO invasion on Altis and even caused the Stratis incident to delay the NATO pullout so his team could get more time to complete their mission. Miller tries to get Kerry out with him in the sub when CSAT arrive, but his commanding officer denies his request. Miller then leaves, possibly bound for Tanoa.

Apex Protocol Edit

During the Apex Protocol campaign, Miller is seen in the missions: Keystone, Extraction, Apex Protocol and End Game. While on Tanoa, Miller is still searching for the Eastwind device and at somepoint is captured by Viper, possibly on Sosovo Island. After being rescued by Group 15, Miller immediately assumed command and led his new team off the island he was on and to Sosovo Island were Viper had their base of operations. During the assault on the island, he observed the Viper HQ and noted the Syndikat double cross. When Group 15 secured the Eastwind device, Miller was obviously very happy as he had come face to face with the device that he had pursued across the world and countless CTRG, AAF, CSAT, NATO, FIA and UKSF troops had died for.

Personality and Traits Edit

Miller was shown to be a competent commanding officer and special forces operator throughout the story and had an excellent aim. Miller was willing to get the job done but knew when to retreat and accept defeat only to bounce back and win. Miller's personality is a bit hazy as he is shown to be a stern officer following rules but sometimes cracks a joke with his UKSF team or Kerry.

Kill Count Edit

  • Possibly several Altian citizens (caused)
  • Dozens of AAF soldiers
  • Dozens of CSAT soldiers and recon troops
  • Several Viper operatives
  • Dozens of Syndikat gang members
  • Stratis garrison (indirectly)
  • Stavrou and several FIA (indirectly)

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  • He was originally intended to be the main protagonist in Arma 3.
  • Miller was featured in the Epic Split trailer for Karts DLC.
  • Bohemia Interactive launched during Make ARMA Not War Competition, a contest in creating "... Wants You To Vote” poster or video for the Make Arma Not War contest. Miller was used in the promotional poster “Captain Miller Wants You To Vote.
  • In the "Remnants of War" campaign, is implied that Miller caused the airstrike on Oreokastro.
  • Miller can be considered to be the main antagonist as he is responsible for the conflict. It is a bit of twist as he was originally to be the lead protagonist in Arma 3.
  • Miller is shown to usually let James command missions unless they are important.
  • Shown through dialogue with Dutton during Apex Protocol, Miller is the CTRG Second in Command with Dutton as his immediate superior.

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