« Saying 'respectfully', Corporal, and proceeding to be disrespectful somewhat defeats the purpose, don't you think?
Scott Miller

Scott Miller is a field commander of CTRG, and is one of the central characters of ArmA 3's storyline.


Miller serves as the leader of Group 14, one of the many detachments of NATO's top secret Combat Technology Research Group. He is essentially the second-in-command of CTRG as a whole, and only answers to A.J. Dutton who is his immediate superior.

The East Wind (2035)

During the initial attack by the AAF against the remaining forces of Task Force Aegis, he initially introduces himself as a special forces operator from the Royal Navy and quickly assumes commands of the remnants.

After the Stratis incident, Miller and his team of supposed UKSF operators are forced to retreat to the mainland in order to assist the FIA guerilla movement, where they fight against the AAF in an attempt to overthrow the existing government led by Georgious Akhanteros.

However, it becomes apparent later on that Miller had been deceiving and using both the NATO remnants and the guerillas as pawns from the beginning in order to pursue his main goal: finding CSAT's experimental WMD device.

Apex Protocol (2035)

Though his mission on Altis ends in failure, he continues tracking the device to the South Pacific where he is captured by Syndikat insurgents. He is eventually freed by the members of CTRG Group 15, and finally lays claim on the device.

Personality and Appearance

Miller appears as a forty year-old white male with unkempt, dark hair and an unshaven beard. His normal attire consists of a white-green coloured undershirt with Arid or Tropic Dazzle-camouflaged combat pants and a plate carrier. On occasion, he also prefers wearing a set of black shades.

While working undercover with the FIA however, Miller dons a simple dark blue poloshirt with green trousers, and chooses to wear a black tactical vest instead.

Miller's personality is a bit hazy as he is shown to be a stern officer that strictly follows rules by the book, but sometimes breaks the tension by throwing a joke with his fellow squad members or with Kerry. He is shown to be both a competent commanding officer and special forces operator throughout the campaigns, and possesses a do-whatever-it-takes and "for the greater good" mentality.

« Kerry: This is what it's all been about, isn't it? Stratis, Mike-26, the airport, everything. You sabotaged the invasion! For what!? To find this!?
Miller: We needed more time.
Miller casually justifies his actions to Kerry in the non-canon Game Over ending

In spite of this however, Miller certainly isn't a blindly altruistic person. On the contrary, he's shown to have a casual disregard for the lives of those he deems expendable. He is willing to follow through with any kind of plan to get the job done; even if it means sacrificing the lives of almost a hundred peacekeepers and countless innocent civilians in the process.


  • Miller is voiced by Michael Pitthan.
  • His plans have caused (both directly and indirectly) the deaths of hundreds of NATO soldiers and FIA guerillas alike throughout the entirety of ArmA 3's campaigns. Likewise, his team's actions have resulted in the prolonging of a civil conflict as well.
    • In Remnants of War, it is even strongly implied that Miller's team was responsible for calling in the cluster airstrike that destroyed the village of Oreokastro.
    • As a result of his duplicity, Miller can be considered to be the main antagonist of ArmA 3 (in a sense) since he was responsible for orchestrating the events of almost every incident from the start to finish of the main storyline.
      • In a somewhat ironic twist, Miller was intended to have been the main protagonist of ArmA 3 before the setting was eventually changed in 2012.
  • Miller was featured in the "Epic Split" trailer for the promotion of the Karts DLC. He was also used in "Captain Miller Wants You To Vote" promotional material released for Bohemia Interactive's Make Arma Not War competition.


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