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Situation Normal
« NATO forces struggle to regroup. »

Situation Normal is the second mission of Survive in The East Wind campaign in ArmA 3.

After escaping into the woods Kerry and Adams stay low and doge an AAF helicopter before moving on. Adams is called by Lacey who is organising a staging point near point Zulu.About halfway through the woods Adams steps on a mine and dies, Lacey calls and asks what happened, Kerry tells him in spluttered burst that Adams stepped on a mine. On his way to Lacey he is contacted by Miller who is rallying the survivors at camp maxwell. After dealing with a roadblock and the crew of a stride Kerry reaches lacey and his team. After moving out the team heads into a forest but stumbles upon a patrol. After killing them they move on encountering 2 more before meeting James and heading to Maxwell. On the way James tells Kerry that they are the last survivors not at maxwell reaveling the scale and ferocity of the AAF attacks.

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