« Starter pistol is a revolver commonly used to start competitive races. Only the sound of the shot is used as the starting signal. This pistol uses flares, and a cloud of smoke can be seen when the gun goes off.
Field Manual

Starter Pistol 10 mm
Faction Civilians
Type Signal Gun
Caliber 10 mm
Variants None

The Starter Pistol is a 10 mm handgun used by Altian racing marshals in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Karts DLC.

Overview Edit

The Starter Pistol is a double-action revolver chambered to fire 10 mm signal flare slugs.

It loads from 6 round cylinders and has both a fire rate and muzzle velocity of 240 rounds per minute/240 m/s. The Starter Pistol does not support being fitted with any accessories or muzzle attachments.

Designed solely as a non-combat weapon, the Starter Pistol can launch either red or green (harmless) short-range signal flares into the air to mark the start of racing matches. Or alternately, it can also serve as a way of marking locations for friendly forces to see as an improvised flare gun in emergencies.

Trivia Edit

  • The Starter Pistol appears to be based on the real-world "Judge" revolver manufactured by Taurus International Manufacturing Incorporated (also known as Taurus USA).
    • Unlike its in-game counterpart however, the real Judge is chambered to fire a variety of (lethal) revolver and shotshell rounds ranging from to .45 Colt to .410 bore rounds.
  • Along with the Zubr, it is currently one of the only two revolvers that are available in ArmA 3.

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