« The Sting is a 9x21 mm submachine gun. The weapon is designed to be used by security forces, vehicle crews and special forces. Due to its small size, accuracy, ambidextrous use and rate of fire, it became a popular SMG around the world. »

Sting 9mm

The Sting is a 9mm submachine gun used by CSAT in Arma 3.

Overview Edit

Like all SMG's in the game, the Sting has a blazing-fast firing rate and minimal recoil, but also low damage and range. It is chambered in 9mm and uses a 30 round magazine. It is the standard weapon for pilots, and should only be used as a primary option in extreme CQ scenario or when using a sniper rifle (it is very light and doesn't take up much space in a backpack.)

Trivia Edit

  • The Sting submachine gun is based on the real life CZ Scorpion Evo 3 submachine gun.
  • Just like the Vermin .45 ACP and PDW2000 the Sting SMG is commonly used by pilots.

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