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Arma3 released(15)

Stratis as seen from the air looking west




Stratis is the smaller island in ArmA 3


Altis compared to Stratis

The island of Stratis is part of The Republic of Altis. The island is sparsely populated; most of the island's towns, military bases and villages are abandoned. There is a military airfield to the north-west of the island that is used to transport supplies into the villages, and is also used as the main base of the AAF during their invasion of the island. The terrain is very hilly and there are a lot of ridges, making it ill-suited for vehicular travel. In addition, a large portion of Stratis is composed of forests. There are four major military installations on the island, Camp Rogain, Stratis airbase, the Kamino Firing Range and Camp Maxwell. There are only two towns, Girna and Agia Marina.

CSAT's interest in Stratis and NATO's withdraw

Stratis being a small unpopulated military island, CSAT wanted to purchase the island from the Altian government for their own personal reasons. But during the Altian civil war. The Altian government refused for the time being. One of the reasons was because NATO was mandated to only operate on Stratis the following years. During NATO's presence on Stratis, NATO were acting as advisors for the AAF, training and supporting them during the civil war. 2035, CSAT later stepped into the picture and the council of the Altian government had a obscure meeting with the FIA in Kavala. Moments later the FIA through themselves violently at the council. This turned Kavala into a war zone. The AAF killed and captured protesting civilians and FIA members. After the minor conflict, it was decided that NATO would ship out of the Stratis completely. This resulted in a drawdown. The final day NATO were packing up, Colonel Georgious Akhanteros declared NATO of committing acts of terrorism on Stratis and the Altian government authorized the elimination of all NATO units. The Altian government finally accepted CSAT's support. This triggered CSAT to back the AAF. After the remaining CTRG and TF Ageis units fled Stratis, CSAT completely invaded Stratis and this allowed the AAF to restablish their foothold on Stratis.

Real world

Stratis' real-world counterpart is an island in southern Greece, named Agios Efstratios. In reality there are only ~270 people who live on the island and the airbase does not exist. The in-game landscape is very similar to that of real life.


  • Stratis is based on Agios Efstratios, an island in the aegean sea. It is 25% smaller than the real place.
    • In the armaverse the islands of Agios Efstratios and Limnos (the basis for Altis) do not exist