Syndikat ambush

Syndikat uses an RPG-7 in an ambush.

Syndikat is a criminal organization within Tanoa that smuggles guns and drugs. They have expanded throughout Tanoa and other neighbouring regions around the Pacific. They attack NGO camps and kill off anybody that opposes them, especially Tanoa's police unit, the Gendarmerie. The key person that holds Syndikat together is Solomon Maru, also known as "Warlock". Warlock is a former member of the failed "Red Tiger" coup which tried to topple a North African government almost a decade prior to the events of the Apex campaign. It is mentioned that Syndikat is a large organization, but they are scattered, operating in cells under Warlock's control.

Following a major earthquake in the Pacific island chain of the Horizon Islands, Tanoa's small government police and military forces have been in escalating conflicts with the group known as 'Syndikat', who are a sizeable insurgent force striking from the depths of the Tanoan island's jungle regions, making them hard for COIN Tanoan and NATO peacekeeper force to hunt down.

The group's equipment varies from Soviet era AKM's and AK-74-SU's to the modern AK-12 chambered in 7.62×39mm, which gives them considerable stopping power. The Paramilitary troops can be distinguished from the regulars by their Tiger-Stripe uniforms.

With their origins as a drug-running Cartel, Syndikat have extensive supply lines, and transport illegal cargo via small aircraft such as BTT aircraft, small helicopters and boats. They lack heavy weapons such as mortars, relying on their ability to melt back into the thick jungle for avoiding larger engagements with peacekeeping forces.

Overview Edit

« Positioned as a independent guerrilla faction, Syndikat is a local crime organization wtih deep roots on Tanoa. Made up of armed thugs and ex-paramilitaries, this new faction is involved in many illicit operations throughout the region, carrying mostly outdated weaponry such as AK's, RPG-7s, and Makarov pistol's.
Official ArmA 3 Apex site description

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