Faction CSAT
Type Main Battle Tank
Seats 3 (1 x Driver, 1 x Commander, 1 x Gunner)
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed ~ 80 km/h
Fuel capacity 1885 L
Primary armament 1x 125 mm Cannon (24 Rnds AP, 12 Rnds HE, 12 Rnds HEAT)
Secondary armament - 1x Coaxial MG 7.62mm (2x 2000 Rnds)

- 1x Remote NSVT-M 12.7 mm HMG (2x 450 Rnds)
- 1x Smoke Generator (2 Charges)

Variants 2S9 Sochor

The T-100 Varsuk is the primary Main Battle Tank used by both Mediterranean and Pacific CSAT forces.


« A modernized version of the Russian T-95 MBT. The ongoing development of the new generation battle tank was restarted in 2016 thanks to revenues from the oil crisis. The new concept of battle tank is lower, lighter with increased maneuverability. The crew was moved from the turret to a more armored body of the tank resulting in increased survivability. The T-100 Varsuk comes with a standard 125 mm cannon.
Field Manual


  • As stated in the Field Manual, the Varsuk is inspired by the real-world "T-95" main battle tank designed by Uralvagonzavod.
  • However, both the Varsuk's turret and chassis bear a stronger resemblance to the "Black Eagle" tank, another cancelled concept MBT that was then-designed by Omsktransmash.
  • Screenshots released during the pre-Alpha phase of ArmA 3's development showed that the Varsuk was originally meant to have been fitted with a semi hexagon-shaped coilgun cannon instead. This was replaced with a simple smoothbore cannon in the final version of the game.
  • In Russian, Barsuk/Varsuk (барсук) translates into Badger.


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