Faction - NATO
Type Thermal Scope
Magnification 4x-10x
Zeroing range 100-1200 m
Variants TWS MG

The TWS (full name: Thermal Weapon Sight) is an infrared scope used by both NATO and CSAT forces, and in limited numbers with the AAF in ArmA 3.

Design Edit

The TWS has a magnification strength range of 4x-10x, and can switch between three modes of operation; "normal" day vision, white-hot thermal, and black-hot thermal. On top of providing infrared vision for the user, it also has an integrated laser rangefinder that can be used to near-instantaneously calculate the distance to a target.

It can be zeroed to a minimum range of 100 m to a maximum of 1200 m. It is only available in a sage green finish.

The TWS also has an alternate counterpart designed for use on machineguns like the Mk200 in the form of the TWS MG.

Trivia Edit

  • The TWS is based on the real-life "LILY TWS", a family of thermal weapon sights made by Elbit Systems of Israel.
    • More specifically it is based on the "LILY-S" variant, a lightweight model that was designed for use on assault rifles and other short range weapons.

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Optical sights of comparable role and configuration Edit

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