Faction - NATO
Type Thermal Scope
Magnification 4x-10x
Zeroing range 100-1600 m
Variants TWS

The TWS MG (full name: Thermal Weapon Sight - Machine Gun) is an infrared scope used by both NATO and CSAT forces, and in limited numbers with the AAF in ArmA 3.

Design Edit

It is a variant of the standard TWS scope that is designed primarily for use on machine guns.

While it shares the same characteristics of its parent optic, such as the ability to toggle infrared modes and a variable magnification range (4x-10x), it uses a different reticle with drop compensation markers that are more suitable for use on machine guns.

Unlike its parent counterpart, the TWS MG has a maximum zeroing range of 1600 m instead (in contrast to the 1200 m maximum of its parent).

Trivia Edit

  • As with its parent counterpart, the TWS MG is based on the real-life "LILY-S", a lightweight thermal weapon sight designed by Elbit Systems of Israel for use on infantry small arms.

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