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Takistan is a fictional middle eastern country in which ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead and its DLC take place. It is the main setting of the Operation Arrowhead campaign, as well as the Crimson Lance and Black Gauntlet campaigns. It is a neighbor of Chernarus, an ex-Soviet republic featured in the first game. Like Chernarus, the map does not cover the entire country, but rather a part of it. The map is set in the Eastern part of Takistan.

The landscape is mostly a combination of rugged mountainous terrain and deserts. However, it has many fertile valleys, rich oilfields and a coltan mine which are important for the country's economy. Until 1988 coup d' état and a subsequent civil war Takistan was a kingdom.

General information Edit

Takistan Edit

  • It is a 164 km2 map
  • Mostly mountainous terrain with several small deserts in northern parts.
  • There are 4 towns and 24 villages across the terrain. Several settlements are linear (built along the main road).
  • It has several large oilfields, 2 airports and a coltan mine.
  • It has 450,000 objects.


  • It is possible that Takistan is now a member of CSAT.

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