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« "We, soldiers of the Revolutionary Army, formed in the glorious days of the restoration of our true and only motherland, forever shatter the chains that have bonded us in subjugation. We pledge to remember the unavenged harms of centuries past, and now, in front of our beloved nation, we take this vow."
Foreword to the Oath of Allegiance of the newly formed Takistani Army in 1992

The Takistani Army is the socialist military force of Takistan. It was introduced in the ArmA 2 stand-alone expansion Operation Arrowhead as the main OPFOR faction fighting against the US Army.



Arma 2 takistani airborne

Takistani troops covering a friendly helicopter landing

The army was formed after the socialist victory of the Takistani Civil War in 1992. In 2012, it conducted an invasion of a neighboring Karzeghistan in order to seize their oil fields after the a number of Takistani oil wells were destroyed in a coordinated action of the anti-government rebels.

The United States responded with an ultimatum to the regime in Takistan to withdraw from their neighbor or face an invasion. The ultimatum expired and Takistan was invaded by America and her allies.

The Takistani Army, while considerably powerful in the region, was no match for the U.S. Army and was soon defeated. Its leader, Col. Aziz, a hero of the 1992 coup, was killed.

After the creation of a new government, the New Takistani Army (NTA) was formed. However, the NTA was regarded as unreliable by the Alliance forces and, later on, United Nations and Private Military Contractors, having formed out of many rebel groups that fought each other as well as the remnants of the old regime.


The Takistani Army was well equipped, possessing a considerable range of modern military equipment. While not as advanced as the US or any of the Alliance forces it faced during Operation Arrowhead, the Army made Takistan a regional power. After the Operation Arrowhead, it is revealed that Takistan attempted to procure nuclear weapons.

Unlike the neighboring Chernarus, the Takistani Army had numerous older Western equipment supplementing relatively newer Soviet and Russian weapons. For example, the main assault rifle of the Takistani Army is the Belgian FN-FAL, supplemented by smaller numbers of M16A2 and AK-74. It has M113 APC serving alongside Soviet BMP-2, BRDM-2 and BTR-60 and its aviation wing operates the Czech L-39 Albatros and American UH-1 with Soviet Su-25 and Mi-24D. Still, these equipment was not enough to stop the US invasion.

Infantry Weapons

Arma 2 takistani special forces mg

A Takistani Special Forces soldier on patrol with PKM machine gun

Static Defenses

Ground Vehicles

Arma 2 takistani army

A Takistani Army T-72 advancing with a soldier


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