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Tanoa is an island located in the South Pacific. It is included in the ArmA 3's Apex DLC, which features a tropical setting. The terrain is very rough, featuring large tracts of forest and farmland. Unlike Altis or Stratis, it has no CSAT financing, making it an independent nation. It features a great industrial aspect thanks to the Blue Pearl industrial port. The capital city of Tanoa is called Georgetown, a well developed city with skyscrapers and professional housing. Tanoa also features four main islands nearby the main island and a number of smaller islands; mostly isolated villages and fishing spots. There are barely any military bases with the exception of several checkpoints and Gendarmerie headquarters. There are ancient temples worshiped by the Tanoan natives deep in the jungle with many native villages and points of interest to explore. There are also multiple modern towns and cities that look more developed than the old capital on Altis, Kavala, or its current capital, Pyrgos. Tanoa also features a dormant volcano with a communications installation to the south of it. The Red Spring surface Mine south-west of the Blue Pearl industrial port occupies a fairly considerable amount of space on Tanoa, and the government makes a considerable amount of its money out of the island's rare earth minerals.


Tanoa Perspective Shot 1

A perspective shot of the coast of Tanoa. Notice the volcano in the background.

Tanoa, spreading over an area of 100 square kilometers, is situated in the South Pacific Ocean (Latitude & Longitude is unknown, though in a recent developer diary video, a map of Tanoa and the Horizon Islands and where they would be situated relative to other islands in the Pacific was shown). The island features dense jungle terrain with a mountainous landscape and a prominent volcano on the northern side of the main island, while man-made features are cut into the terrain such as open-pit mines and large logging areas.

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Horizon Islands Map

Still from "Arma 3 Apex - Developer Diary: Setting & Content" showing the map of the Horizon Islands and its location in the real world.

Tanoa Real World Location

A recreation of the real world location of the Horizon Islands. (May not be to correct scale)


Situated in the South Pacific, the island province of Tanoa is one of many that, together, compose the Horizon Islands – an independent island nation with historic ties to both East and West. Formerly an outpost belonging to the Empire of Japan, before its liberation by US Marines in 1944, evidence of a long history of conflict and turmoil can still be found dotted across the island – relics from times long-since passed.

Nowadays, Tanoa thrives off rich deposits of rare earth metals exported the world over, but controversy and civil unrest have long surrounded these efforts due to the perceived social, economic and environmental impacts of their exploitation. Tanoa is also believed to be a hub of illicit trafficking in the Pacific, but no formal charges have ever been raised.


In 2035, Tanoa continues to enjoy a prolonged period of apparent peace and prosperity, but the volatile geopolitical situation on the world's stage threatens to destabilize the region, and plunge it into darkness once more. After the end of the flash-point on Altis, a tsunami strikes Tanoa, plunging the local populace into chaos following severe flooding, allowing Syndikat to take control over large parts of the islands. To make matters worse, even though there are substantial relief efforts to help Tanoa rebuild, Syndikat intercepts and interferes with these efforts, leading to a prolonged and worsening crisis situation. In response, CTRG and a NATO task force are sent in to Tanoa in the Apex campaign to bring the situation back under control.