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Faction CSAT
Type Logistics transport
Seats 3
Top speed ~92 km/h
Primary armament None
Secondary armament None
Variants • Tempest (Covered)
• Tempest Transport
• Tempest (Fuel)
• Tempest (Device)

The Tempest is CSAT's primary logistics transport vehicle.

Overview Edit

« The Tempest is a 6x6 mine resistant standard transport truck for the CSAT army. Its primary role is to carry troops and cargo under armor. The modular design of the truck allows several transport versions: cargo, refuel, medical, repair and ammo resupply.
Field Manual

Introduced with the campaign's Win episode to supplement the Zamak family of trucks, the Tempest is a highly flexible, multi-purpose modular vehicle that sports different capabilities depending on the variant such as transporting troops, and repairing and refuelling vehicles.

Trivia Edit

  • The Tempest is based on the real-world "Typhoon" MRAP designed by Kamaz.
  • A unique variant of the Tempest houses a non-functional model of the "Eastwind" device.

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