Episode 2: Adapt

Cut off from the outside world, surviving NATO forces make their way to the Altis mainland seeking the assistance of local guerrilla forces.


Kerry washes up onto the shores of Altis.

Regaining consciousness following the attack on the boats, Kerry wakes up and finds himself lying on the sands of an unknown beach, while jets buzz overhead and explosions ring faintly in the distance.

Unsure of where he's ended up, he soon spots another person lying on the sand not too far away from him; the corpse of one of the CTRG operators that escaped alongside him, Sergeant Hardy. Kerry can hear James' voice emanating from Hardy's radio, which he proceeds to pick up and responds to.

« Kerry: Hello, Lieutenant? I read you, it's Kerry here!
James: What the fuck? Kerry, is that you?
Kerry: A piece of him.
Kerry responds to James' calls

Initially surprised that Kerry had somehow survived, James quickly updates him on the current situation. He and the rest of the CTRG team have landed onto the shores of Altis, and are actively assisting the FIA guerrillas in waging an insurgency against the AAF and CSAT forces.

Though he lacks a map, James correctly assumes that Kerry is somewhere nearby in Aggelochori, a small town just on the outskirts of the former capital city of Kavala. He relays to Kerry the co-ordinates of their current position, and advises him to link up with them as soon as possible before it gets dark. All the while avoiding the heavy CSAT/AAF presence in the area, due to the on-going counterinsurgency operation taking place in the city.

After evading the numerous patrols and vehicle convoys passing through, Kerry finally reaches James' position, finding both him and two other CTRG members stationed on overwatch as they observe the operation taking place in Kavala.


Under the cover of darkness, Kerry and James' team abandon their outpost to regroup with the other members of Falcon.

« Good to see you, Kerry. Get your head down and make yourself comfortable. We'll be here for a while yet.
Lt. James

Night finally arrives after twelve more hours pass. James' team pack up and prepare to leave their impromptu outpost, heading north along the ridgeline to link up with the remainder of Falcon. Before they can join together however, a CSAT helicopter ceases its patrol and begins to hover in position for landing, having spotted the other CTRG members.

Ditching their initial plan, James splits up with Kerry in order to escort him to the rendezvous point at a nearby disused power plant with a local FIA contact, callsign Slingshot. Meanwhile, the rest of Falcon hold their positions in order to drive off the CSAT squad.

James instructs the FIA contact to take Kerry directly to Miller, which he (albeit reluctantly) agrees to. James in the mean time, heads back to assist the other CTRG members.

« Kerry: Remind me again why I'm the one driving?
Slingshot: You are the one they will shoot first.
Kerry questions Slingshot's motives for designating him as the driver

Driving north along the main road, they pass through several military checkpoints and drop-off the rest of the guerrilla fighters onboard at towns along the way. Thanks to their extensive insider contacts amongst the AAF's ranks, the crew pass through the checkpoints uneventfully.

As they reach the final checkpoint however, they encounter a large group of CSAT forces manning the barricades alongside the AAF. With no familiar faces at the roadblock, Slingshot cautiously attempts to negotiate with the guards for passage. At that same moment, Kerry overhears a radio message from Miller himself; he has been forced to relocate the rendezvous point due to the CSAT presence, and requires support at his location.

Slingshot soon returns to the truck, informing Kerry that they need to divert from the main road as he was unable to secure a route to the guerrilla movement's main hideout. Kerry tells Slingshot about the radio message, and notes that the direction that they're heading in just so happens to also lead towards the new meeting location anyway.

Cautiously driving along the dirt road through a small village, Slingshot orders him to halt the car just a few hundred metres away from the new rendezvous point.

« Kerry: Um, you know, there's only two of us - and you don't have a gun.
Slingshot: Three. I have another man on his way.
Slingshot informs Kerry of the third guerrilla

Miller warns them of an incoming CSAT patrol that are in the process of cornering him. Moving on foot through the woods, another guerrilla sniper also arrives in time to help. With his help, they clear out the enemy squad and regroup together.

Unfortunately, Slingshot's truck was also discovered during the fighting and was destroyed by nearby CSAT forces. Leaving the other two to deal with the loss, Kerry and Miller head alone to the base camp, arriving just as dawn begins to break.


Stavrou briefs the guerrillas on their current situation.

« So, that's Stavrou over there, I believe you two have met.
Capt. Scott Miller

Kerry discovers the real identity of Slingshot; he's actually Kostas Stavrou, Group North's commander and one of the many cells of the FIA movement that are scattered throughout the island.

With no alternatives, Kerry settles in and assists the guerrillas as best he can, scouting the surrounding area for supplies and taking out roaming AAF patrols.


Kerry goes scouting around the camp.

Ten days later however, the supply situation at the camp is about to go critical, as the FIA had lost much of their manpower and caches from the CSAT/AAF raids in Kavala.

Having received information of a CSAT convoy about to make its way through the area, Stavrou formulates a plan to ambush and seize its supplies.

The next day, Kerry joins up with James and the rest of CTRG's Falcon unit, with their primary goal being to find a good position to ambush the convoy. Before they can move out however, James' squad are given orders to divert elsewhere by Miller, leaving (to his chagrin) Kerry with the responsibility instead.

« Kerry: But - with respect - what about the convoy? Are we still on for that?
James: You ask a lot of questions, Corporal. Don't worry. Miller will be in touch soon. You'll know what to do.
Kerry is abruptly assigned as the field commander of the operation

Kerry is soon reassigned by Stavrou and left to command another squad, callsign Omega, entrusting the entire mission into Kerry's hands.


Omega commences the ambush on the CSAT convoy.

Much to Kerry's annoyance, the guerrillas voice doubt over his presumed lack of skills to handle the raid, but agree to the change in leadership anyway.

Omega set up a trap along the convoy's route and pull off the ambush successfully, disabling the ammunition truck and eliminating both of its escorts.

After repairing it back into a usable condition, they drive the truck away to a nearby hideout before additional CSAT reinforcements can arrive.

« Omega, are you still alive? Our camp here is under threat too - this offensive is a fucking extermination!

We're falling back. The new RV is in an old factory not far from you, at grid 054-179. Godspeed!
Stavrou advises Omega to retreat to the new hideout

Whether the truck was deliberately set as a lure or the guerrilla's plans were discovered somehow, the FIA suddenly come under attack on all sides by CSAT forces.

Even the main camp at Bomos takes fire, with Stavrou and the rest of the guerrillas being forced to evacuate to a secondary base camp, an abandoned industrial complex located near Gori. To make matters worse, Omega are forced to abandon and destroy the truck as well to prevent CSAT from reclaiming it.

Most of the guerrillas manage to reach the new camp, though their supply situation continues to remain in a dire condition. Stavrou plans yet another operation aimed at obtaining much needed supplies, this time against a loosely-manned AAF outpost near Frini.

The next day, the guerrillas prepare to strike the outpost, with Omega leading the assault after neutralising the outpost's sentries first.


The FIA successfully wrest control of the Frini outpost from the AAF.

The undermanned AAF garrison are completely overwhelmed by the guerrillas, with the FIA managing to seize control of its supplies and heavy weapons. An FIA truck, callsign Kappa, soon arrives on station to load up on the outpost's supplies.

The operation appears to be going according to plan, but the outpost suddenly comes under fire from mortars.

Omega are then re-tasked with quickly hunting down and neutralising the AAF mortar team who are hiding somewhere in Frini, while the remainder of guerrillas stay behind to protect Kappa.

« Kappa, what the hell? Report! We can't wait any longer.
Stavrou demands an update on Kappa's situation

After a heated firefight, Omega successfully eliminates both the mortar team and their guards. However, Miller suddenly radios in to warn the FIA of an incoming platoon of CSAT-AAF mechanised troops, rapidly closing in to retake the outpost.

Despite Kappa's slowness in loading up the supplies, the entire force manages to escape together in one piece at the last moment, moments before CSAT armour and airstrikes begin bombarding the outpost.

Their successful operation is short-lived however, as the FIA are also running low on fuel for their vehicles. Stavrou tasks Omega and the other teams with retrieving a fuel cistern at a mining complex just to the south of the main Kavala highway, along with several of their vehicles that were confiscated from them by the AAF.


Omega find the truck with the cistern, only to discover it completely empty.

Under the cover of darkness, Omega regroups with the other teams that have already infiltrated into the area surrounding the complex. The FIA assault the facility and retrieve the truck from the AAF, but run into yet another setback after discovering that that the cistern was already out of fuel.

At the same time, Miller radios in to inform the FIA of another fuel truck further south of the complex, at a construction site in Alikampos, but is guarded by CSAT recon troops. Determined to take the truck in spite of the risk, Stavrou orders Omega and Kappa to assault the site together.

After a heated firefight, the guerrillas successfully seize the truck and begin to drive it back to the hideout. However, Miller radios in again to inform Kerry of an opportunity to assassinate a CSAT high value target, but would also mean that the truck would need to be sacrificed in the process.

« Look, neutralising this target is a game-changer. Opportunities like this sometimes require snap decisions. It's up to you.
Miller chastises Kerry for his indecisiveness

Kerry opts to neither sacrifice the truck nor allow the HVT to escape. Defying the odds, Omega sets up an ambush along the main highway and manages to blow up the convoy's vehicles (to Miller's surprise) while also delivering the fuel truck to the hideout.


Orestes' mugshot.

Later on, Stavrou informs the guerrillas that an AAF officer, along with two other sub-ordinates, has come to them and offered to defect. Believing that it to be an excellent opportunity to strike a blow against the AAF/CSAT, as well as obtaining a valuable ally, Stavrou agrees to assist in spite of the risks involved.

His defection did not entirely go unnoticed however. The officer, codenamed Orestes, is tailed by a CSAT patrol who follow the trio's vehicle all the way to the meeting point. With the help of the guerrillas, they eliminate their pursuers.

Knowing that he didn't have much time left before his betrayal would be discovered, Orestes plans one last act of sabotage against his former benefactors. He offers the guerrillas an opportunity to inflict some payback for the Kavala raid, by having CSAT call in artillery to destroy their own vehicle repair depot.


Stavrou and Miller derive a plan to rescue Nikos.

« We have a common enemy, Commander Stavrou. Let us not make it personal.
Orestes rebukes against Stavrou's criticism

On return to their camp, Orestes gives the FIA information on the whereabouts of one of the group's key figures, Nikos Panagopoulos, who was previously captured by the AAF and being held on Stratis.

With Kerry in tow, Miller leads a group of CTRG operators and elite guerrillas to infiltrate Stratis via boats in order to rescue Nikos.


Kerry's team infiltrate via the coast.

Kerry's team worked to create an opening for Miller's team by causing enough havoc, diverting the bulk of AAF-CSAT forces away from Camp Tempest where Nikos was being held.

After extracting Nikos, Kerry and the remainder of the teams evacuate from Stratis to head back towards Altis. The FIA relocate once more, but this time to an encampment near Topolia instead.

Nikos informs Stavrou that NATO is planning an invasion of Altis, with Miller further confirming NATO forces inbound.

The FIA plan to assist the invasion by seizing the nearby towns of Therisa, Poliakko, and the AAC airfield to the south in order to draw the bulk of the AAF away from the main international airport, leaving NATO to deal with just the CSAT forces.


Omega move to destroy the CSAT artillery battery at Poliakko.

« This is where the tides turn, brothers. We are stronger than ever before.
Stavrou rallies the guerrillas for one last fight

Omega are assigned to assault and destroy the command post in the centre of Poliakko, while Stavrou leads the main assault against Therisa and the AAC airfield.

After a bout of heavy fighting, Kerry's squad manages to destroy the artillery position and eliminate its defenders. They are then forced to fight off an ambush by CSAT special forces before finally declaring the town to be secure.

« Omega, we are being engaged by NATO at the airfield! I repeat, NATO are-
Stavrou's last words moments before his apparent death

However, NATO helicopters are suddenly spotted flying over their position heading directly for the AAC airfield. Immediately afterwards, they open fire on the main FIA elements, decimating the guerrillas and seemingly causing Stavrou's death in the process.

Kerry frantically tries to contact Miller but fails to obtain a response. He spots one of the two helicopters being forced to auto-rotate to the ground after taking damage to its rotors. Seeing a chance to inform NATO forces to call off their assault on the airfield, Omega moves to secure the crash site, fighting off a small team of AAF troopers in the process and rescuing the pilot.

« Larkin: Jesus Christ! Who the fuck are you guys?
Kerry: Corporal Ben Kerry, Task Force Aegis, but listen to me: your helos are firing on friendlies! Look, the FIA - the local resistance - they're assaulting that airfield, you're firing on friendly forces right now.
Larkin: Friendlies? Aegis? Holy fuck, no, we thought we'd lost you guys!
Kerry pleads for Larkin to call off the attack

Though shaken up by the crash, the pilot promptly relays Kerry's information back to NATO command, telling the forces attacking the airfield to stand down.

The next morning, Kerry reports to the invasion force's commander, callsign Crossroads, about the situation and the whereabouts of Miller, who was supposedly meant to have been in contact with the task force.

« Kerry: What about Captain Miller, sir? He was supposed to establish comms with your main force.
Crossroads: I'm sorry, who?
Kerry: Captain Scott Miller. UKSF? Kinda ... talks like he's got a stick up his ass all the time?
Crossroads: The British? The Brits are no longer operating in this area. To my knowledge, they've been out since May. And, regardless, we had no record of a Scott Miller.
Kerry questions Crossroads on the whereabouts of Miller's team

Crossroads informs Kerry that he has no knowledge of a "Captain Scott Miller", and that they have not been in contact with any British forces ever since their withdrawal from the country months earlier.

Astounded at Miller's supposed betrayal, Kerry makes his way onto the helicopter as Crossroads debriefs him.


Signal Lost (9th July, 2035)

« Kerry faces the consequences of a botched withdrawal. »

Kerry washes up onto the shores of Altis. He manages to avoid detection from the roaming AAF-CSAT patrols, and rejoins up with James' CTRG team.

Common Enemy (9th July, 2035)

« The remaining survivors link up with the local guerrillas. »

Moving out under the cover of the night, Kerry and James' men make their way to meet a local FIA contact. James is forced to part ways with him due to unexpected attack by CSAT forces, while Kerry drives the contact to meet up with Miller. They end up rescuing him just as he's being cornered by a CSAT patrol, and they move on foot to the guerrilla's main camp.

Supply Network (20th July, 2035)

« CTRG prepare to ambush an enemy supply convoy. »

Low on supplies, the FIA plan an ambush on a CSAT logistics convoy moving through their area. Kerry is forced to take command of the ambush after CTRG are recalled elsewhere. His unit successfully seizes the supply truck, but are forced to abandon and destroy it after CSAT forces attempt to wipe out every single one of the FIA's hideouts in a massive raid.

Breaking Even (21th July, 2035)

« The guerrillas plan a hit and run attack on an AAF outpost. »

Still running critically low on supplies, the FIA attempt a massive raid on a distant AAF outpost near the town of Frini. The guerrillas successfully overrun the outpost, fight off its reinforcements, and haul off a significant number of equipment and munitions.

Bingo Fuel (21th July, 2035)

« The FIA move in to retrieve a seized fuel truck. »

Running low on fuel, the guerrillas attempt to retake a fuel cistern that was confiscated from them by the AAF. The cistern is revealed to be empty however, but Miller inform them of another fuel tanker close by. Miller attempts to convince Kerry to use the fuel to assassinate a CSAT officer, but Kerry declines and destroys the officer's convoy without sacrificing the fuel tanker.

Exit Strategy (22th July, 2035)

« An AAF officer looking to defect offers the guerrillas a chance for revenge. »

A high-ranking AAF officer codenamed Orestes defects to the FIA. He provides an opportunity for the guerrillas to cripple CSAT, by having them call in artillery on their own vehicle repair depot.

Within Reach (2nd August, 2035)

« Kerry joins a small team bound for Stratis. »

Along with a few elite guerrillas and Miller's CTRG team, Kerry sneaks past the heavily-defended town of Neri in order to board boats bound for Stratis.

Attention Deficit (2nd August, 2035)

« CTRG lead an operation to extract Nikos from Stratis. »

Kerry's team successfully create an opening for Miller's CTRG team to extract Nikos from Camp Tempest by forcing AAF-CSAT troops to divert to them.

Beyond Recognition (8th August, 2035)

« On the eve of a NATO invasion, the guerrillas launch a diversionary assault against a small airfield. »

The FIA launch an all-out offensive against the towns of Poliakko, Therisa, and the AAC airfield as NATO forces prepare to invade Altis. The guerrillas are initially successful, but face a massive setback when NATO forces open fire on the guerrillas by mistake. Kerry manages to get NATO forces to cease fire on the guerrillas, and discovers Miller's duplicity.