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« Cut off from the outside world, surviving NATO forces make their way to the Altis mainland seeking the assistance of local guerrilla forces. »

Two days after the initial AAF attack on the NATO forces in Stratis, Kerry wakes up only to find out he has landed on a beach. After getting up, he finds Sgt. Hardy’s body and rids him of his radio. Kerry then makes contact with Lt. James of Miller’s CTRG team and learns that he has landed in Altis, just north of the old capital of Kavala. He also learns that a failed FIA attack on the city has attracted AAF and CSAT.

Lt. James then orders Kerry to find a map in the house ruins near Kavala and go to their position at a hill north of Kavala. After dodging enemy patrols, Kerry manages to join Lt. James and his team.

12 hours later, they leave to regroup with the rest of Falcon north of their position. On the way, however, they learn that they were compromised and a CSAT helicopter begins to close in. Falcon splits up and Lt. James takes Kerry to a FIA contact in a nearby abandoned power plant.

The FIA contact, codenamed Slingshot, takes Kerry and a group of FIA soldiers further to North to Captain Miller. On the way, they pass AAF checkpoints and drop off the rest of the fighters. At the last AAF checkpoint, they learn that Miller’s position was compromised by CSAT. Slingshot and Kerry disembark the truck and Kerry leaves to assist Miller, along with a friendly sniper.

After helping Miller, they learn that Slingshot’s truck has been discovered and was destroyed by a CSAT helicopter. Slingshot tells them that he will be fine and they must regroup with the FIA at the north. Miller and Kerry do so and arrive at camp at dawn.

During the commotion, the FIA have built a camp at the north rim of Altis. Kerry soon meets Commander Stavrou, the commander of Group North, one of the FIA cells operating in Altis. In a briefing, Stavrou is delighted that Miller and his team have joined his forces.

10 days later, the FIA are running low on supplies and start an operation to get secure more. The next day, Kerry joins with the CTRG in a mission. Their goal is to find a good position to ambush a CSAT supply convoy and raid their ammunition truck. However, CTRG gets a call that they are needed elsewhere and Kerry is left to command a squad named Omega and Slingshot entrusts the mission on Kerry's hands. Kerry leaves the CTRG and meets up with Omega.

Omega's members are doubting Kerry's leadership, much to Kerry's annoyance. Omega set up a trap somewhere along the convoy's route and pull off the ambush. After a successful ambush, Omega takes the ammunition truck to a nearby FIA stash. After successfully taking the truck to the stash, CSAT reinforcements suddenly search the remains of the convoy and discover the FIA's stash. Slingshot then orders all the FIA to retreat to a nearby camp near Gori as the FIA camp in the north falls under CSAT attack.

After reaching camp, an abandoned industrial complex, Stavrou orders another supply operation because he ordered Omega to destroy the stolen ammo truck in the previous operation. The next day, the FIA station themselves north of a AAF outpost north of Frini which is still under construction. After Omega neutralizes the guards, all of the FIA teams engage the outpost while machine-gunners lay suppressive fire. After successfully overwhelming the AAF, the FIA seize control of the outpost and Kappa arrives to steal the supplies.

As Kappa loads their truck with supplies, the outpost comes under mortar fire. Omega is tasked with finding and neutralizing the mortar team in Frini. After Omega successfully engages and neutralizes the mortar team, CTRG warns the FIA that a AAF and CSAT mechanized division is closing in on the outpost. After finishing the loading process, the FIA retreat to the forest as the AAF and CSAT re-seize the outpost.

Their successful operation is short-lived however, as Stavrou learns that the FIA is running low on fuel for their vehicles. Stavrou tasks Omega and other teams with retrieving a stolen FIA cistern in a construction complex south of the Kavala highway. After Omega regroups with the other teams, the FIA assault the complex and retrieves the cistern. However, they learn that the cistern was out of fuel and Slingshot orders a retreat until the CTRG informs Omega and Slingshot of a CSAT fuel truck in Alikampos. Determined in taking the risk, Slingshot orders Omega to steal the fuel truck and deliver it to their hideout.

When Omega approaches Alikampos, Kappa decides to help in the assault. After stealing the truck, CTRG informs Kerry about a opportunity to kill a high-ranking officer. Kerry asks about the locals' confirmation on the mission, but CTRG tries to negotiate with Kerry. There, its possible to either bring the truck to Miller or take it back to Slingshot.

Later on, Stavrou informs the FIA that a AAF officer has come to them and has asked help in order to switch sides. Believing that it is a great opportunity to strike a blow against the AAF and CSAT, Stavrou agrees to help, despite the great risk. The officer, codenamed "Orestes", defects and the FIA manages to ambush CSAT units in the areas. On return to their base, Orestes gives the FIA information on a resistance member named Nikos held captive by CSAT and AAF on Stratis.

Miller leads a group of CTRG and FIA troops to rescue Nikos from a camp in Stratis. Kerry assists by leading a team to divert AAF forces away from the camp. The teams manage to rescue Nikos before he is re-located to CSAT territory. Nikos is taken back to Altis, and the new FIA encampment near Topolia.

Nikos informs the FIA of an imminent NATO invasion of Altis. The FIA plans to assist the invasion by seizing a nearby airfield to aid NATO troops. Kerry's team manages to destroy CSAT artillery position near the airfield. While en-route to the airfield, NATO helicopters begin firing on the airfield, unintentionally decimating FIA forces and killing Stavrou. Kerry tries to contact Miller and his CTRG, but to no avail. Kerry rescues a downed NATO helicopter pilot, promptly informing him of the mis-identification. NATO forces cease fire on the airfield and the invasion grinds to a halt.

The next morning, Kerry reports to Colonel Armstrong, call sign "Crossroads" about the situation and Miller. Armstrong informs Kerry that British forces have withdrawn from the region months ago, and NATO has no knowledge of a "Captain Scott Miller" under their command. Armstrong then asks Kerry to report back to Stratis, which NATO has successfully re-taken, ending the "Adapt" episode.

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