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« Tensions rise as NATO peacekeeping forces begin to leave The Republic of Altis: a strategic fault-line between crumbling European influence and a powerful, resurgent East. »

After some time after the Prologue the peacekeeping operations have been reduced just to Stratis after the bloody civil war in Altis. Tensions are increasingly high between NATO and the Altis Armed Forces (AAF), due to the recent events on Altis. Altis is in the middle of a civil war in which the AAF has declared martial law and placed military checkpoints across the region, and has used brutal tactics against the FIA resistance. NATO command has decided not to renew its peacekeeping mandate in the region, and NATO troops begin to scrap remaining outposts and vehicles as they prepare to withdraw from the island.

The episode begins on July 7th, 2035 with NATO forces, now disengaged from any major hostilities, cleaning up and preparing to leave the island of Stratis. Corporal Ben Kerry, Sergeant Lacey and Staff Sergeant Adams take a helicopter to Camp Rogain. Once there, Lieutenant Edwards tells Kerry that one Colonel McKinnon requires logistical support at the Kamino outpost. Kerry and Adams get in a HEMTT truck and begin the drive to Kamino. Lacey is ordered to take another truck, and follow them shortly after. The two are stopped at an AAF checkpoint and after an awkward few seconds are allowed through. On the way to their destination, they find MacKinnon’s Hunter MRAP flipped over on the road, with the Commander lying dead next to it, and the driver dead inside. After Adams fails to revive MacKinnon, the duo turn towards Kamino to see the town under fire, with smoke rising from the buildings.

Adams, in confusion due to the events unfolding around them, commands that himself and Kerry push into the forest. Unfortunately an AAF patrol begins to fire upon them and they are forced to engage. After neutralizing said patrol, Broadway (Commander Johnson) broadcasts to all stationed NATO troops that the AAF are now considered hostile. Meanwhile, the AAF begin to assault Camp Rogain, and the airbase, as well as Air Station Mike-26 quickly fall under AAF control. Kerry and Adams attempt to regroup at Point X-ray, but discover that the AAF have already attacked it. After Kerry and Adams assault Point X-Ray, a NATO helicopter pilot tells Adams to meet him at LZ Baldy, planning an extraction. However, the helicopter is shot down by an AAF jet, while Kerry and Adams fight the AAF en route to the extraction point. Seeing this, Adams orders a retreat into the forest, much to Kerry’s dismay.

After hiding from an AAF helicopter, Adams gets a signal from Sergeant Lacey, who suggest that they rendezvous. On the way to Lacey’s squad, Adams steps on a landmine, killing him and leaving Kerry alone in the forest. Kerry passes through the patrolling AAF (or assaults them, depending upon the players choice), and joins with Lacey’s four man squad. They receive a radio signal from British Special Forces to meet them at a group of houses on the other side of a forest. Lacey’s squad fights AAF squads through the forest and meets up with a Lieutenant James who takes them to the formerly abandoned Camp Maxwell, which becomes the last base of operations for surviving NATO troops.

The team meets up with Captain Scott Miller, the highest-ranking NATO commanding officer on the island and leader of a CTRG team stationed in Stratis. He tells of the situation in Stratis and begins planning attacks on the AAF. He splits the troops into four squads. Alpha (Kerry’s team) is the main assault squad. Bravo, led by Lacey, is the recon squad, Charlie operates as support while Delta is Miller’s CTRG team led by Miller himself.

The NATO troops undertake guerrilla warfare operations on the AAF. They attempt to rescue a downed pilot from AAF troops, but the pilot dies in the battle, and the pilot's crashed AH-99 Blackfoot helicopter is blown up by Kerry in order to keep AAF forces from getting too close to Camp Maxwell. When Kerry gets back, Bravo is found to be under fire and pinned down in the nearby town of Girna. Alpha rescues Bravo and neutralizes an AAF mortar team before falling back to Maxwell after being attacked by an AAF fast-mover. Next, Alpha and Bravo stage an assault on the now AAF-controlled Air Station Mike-26, with Charlie providing Mortar fire and Delta attempting to communicate to MEDCOM. After dealing with the defenders and a counterattack, Delta fails to connect due to rigged comms and destroys the dome. After the station is destroyed the three teams return to Maxwell, Miller receives intel on an AAF general known as Goblin who will arrive in Girna shortly. He appoints James to assault the town from one side via swimmer delivery vehicle while Bravo pushes from the other end. They close in and kill the AAF troops stationed there, but then find out they killed a high-ranking officer, but not Goblin.

Miller manages to contact the Altis/Stratis resistance group FIA and they agree to resupply the NATO troops at LZ Connor. After the NATO troops meet their contact - "Nikos" - AAF troops ambush them and Nikos flees via utility vehicle. When they arrive, they find Nikos' driver dead, and Nikos himself seemingly gone. Kerry is ordered to clear the nearby villages of AAF forces, but once this accomplished Camp Maxwell comes under mortar attack. The NATO troops return to Maxwell to find it badly damaged. Miller gathers the surviving men and tells them that he managed to contact MEDCOM, who agreed to send NATO reinforcements, but to do so, the town of Agia Marina will need to be secured to serve as a landing zone. Alpha and Bravo meet up and begin an assault on the town while Charlie covers their flank and Delta attacks the town from another angle. Just as the AAF begin to retreat and the battle is seemingly won, CSAT forces launch an invasion on Stratis, with the intention of supporting the AAF. During the attack, communication with Charlie is lost, and Miller orders Delta to secure boats for Alpha and Bravo to evacuate the island. They manage to flee as CSAT forces re-establish control over Stratis.

Once on the boats and seemingly safe, Kerry asks Miller where they’re going. Miller tells Kerry that he plans to go to mainland Altis and meet up with the FIA to continue fighting. However, the boats get strafed by an AAF jet and the screen blacks out, cutting to «To be continued».

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