Episode 3: Win

« The Republic of Altis and Stratis sits at the center of an escalating global conflict. As the world stands on the brink of all-out war, NATO forces join the fray. »

12 hours after boarding the helo, Kerry makes his way to Colonel Armstrong, known as Crossroads. There, he informs Kerry that the invasion on the Altis International Airport was a failure. Kerry, still under investigation by NATO, resumes active duty on Altis. While on a night patrol, Kerry spots several CSAT special forces arriving on assault boats. Charlie 2-4's lieutenant orders Kerry to regroup with him. To their horror, Kerry's entire unit is wiped out and NATO AA positions are destroyed by CSAT forces. CSAT gunships approached when they are suddenly shot down by unknown forces. Nikos contacts Kerry, and informs him that the FIA are willing to assist NATO forces in defending the positions. Armstrong approves, and orders Kerry to lead an FIA team to defend Neochori. They successfully manage to defend the town from a CSAT armored battalion.

With the FIA's aid, NATO manages to capture the airport. While assaulting the airport, NATO forces experience a tremor and hold their positions. While en-route to Pyrgos, Armstrong informs Kerry that NATO MEDCOM has finished their investigation into the "Stratis Incident" and has confirmed Captain Scott Miller's identity. Armstrong deliberately withholds information about Miller to Kerry, saying it is highly-classified and urges him to avoid all contact with Miller and his CTRG team. NATO forces later captured the Altian capital before experiencing yet another tremor.

After multiple successful operations against the AAF forces, the AAF withdraw to north-eastern Altis. Meanwhile, NATO prepares for a final offensive against the AAF. After experiencing another tremor, NATO informs their forces that these tremors do not seem natural, but are caused by unknown seismic anomalies. Kerry is contacted by Lt. James, who pleaded Kerry search for him and Miller. Here, Kerry has to make a decision: Regroup and join the final offensive, or locate James.

If Kerry chooses to regroup with NATO, he drives a truck to the main road and meets up with Crossroads, who tells him that the remnant AAF forces are waiting for reinforcements. Crossroads orders Kerry to mark targets for the artillery and airstrike once he and his squad reaches their observation point. After that, the AAF relay their surrender, finally ending the war. Then, a newly promoted Sergeant Kerry is tasked to escort a journalist to the new FIA leader Nikos, before Armstrong contacts him, saying that there is a situation and he is ordered to return to base immediately.

If Kerry chooses to locate James, he finds a wounded James and several dead CTRG members at a checkpoint near a research facility after having a fire-fight with the elite CSAT special forces. James informs Kerry that Miller is waiting nearby in some ruins and asks him to deliver a truck with unknown contents in the research facility. James later dies of his wounds before Kerry can ask him more about the situation. Kerry fights his way through CSAT special forces at the facility, and manages to deliver the truck to Miller.

Demanding answers, Kerry angrily questions Miller about who he is, and what the truck was carrying. Miller threatens to kill Kerry if he continues. He then explains to Kerry that the device is classified, and asks if he finds the recent tremors suspicious. Kerry concludes that Miller was in fact, responsible for the Stratis incident, the miscommunication which led to the death of Stavrou and the failed NATO invasion, and had to buy some time for him and his CTRG team to steal the device. Just then, CSAT launches a massive offensive against NATO forces. Miller escapes with the device and tells Kerry to wait for him to return.

An hour later, Miller informs Kerry that he is unable to return due to heavy fighting. Kerry is forced to escape Altis on his own. Kerry makes it back to the research facility, and discovers that the device was in fact, a seismic weapon that is responsible for the recent tremors. Here, the player has a choice whether to allow Kerry to escape the island, or be killed, ending the "Win" episode.