« The Titan Multi-Purpose Rocket Launcher is a shoulder system for launching guided rockets. This compact version trades increased portability for less powerful rockets and cannot launch anti-air missiles. It's adapted to be launched from closed quarters, has several modes of guidance and thanks to its advanced jet engine, it's capable of hitting even fast moving targets at a short distance. »
Titan MPRL Compact
Faction Universal:
Type Anti-armor launcher
Caliber N/A
Variants Titan MPRL

The Titan MPRL Compact is a light, man-portable guided missile launcher. It can be fired in two ways. If locked onto a target, it functions like a fire-and-forget missile launcher, requiring no user input to kill the target. If fired without a target lock, the missile uses Semi-Active Command to Line-of-Sight (SACLOS) guidance, following the crosshairs wherever they go. This allows the gunner to manually guide the missile to the target, especially useful when using Anti-Personnel rounds against infantry.

Overview Edit

The Titan MPRL Compact can use both anti-tank (AT) warheads to destroy armored targets like vehicles, and anti-personnel (AP) warheads to kill infantry and other soft targets. AP rounds are significantly lighter and are also effective against light vehicles.

Trivia Edit

  • The Titan MPRL Compact is based on the Rafael Mini-Spike.
  • The Titan is unique in that it is used by all factions with the exception of the FIA and Syndikat.

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