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Faction CSAT
Type Attack aircraft
Seats One
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed 935 Km/h 260 M/s
Fuel capacity 1000 L
Primary armament 1 × 30mm Cannon (500 Rnds)
4 × Sharur AGM
2 × LOM-250G LGB
Secondary armament 1 × Tratnyr Rocket pods (20 Rnds AP, 20 Rnds HE)
2 × Sahr-3 AAM
Variants None

The To-199 Neophron is CSAT's primary attack aircraft.


« The To-199 Neophron is a new addition to CSAT air forces. An agile single-seat aircraft is used for close air support but can also take down air threats. It cannot carry as much payload as NATO's A-164 and has to rearm more often, but it can take-off from even the roughest terrain, not being as dependent on air bases or aircraft carriers.
Field Manual


  • The Neophron is based off the real-world "Yak-130".


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