The UH-60 Black Hawk is a medium utility and transport helicopter that has made appearances in ArmA: Cold War Assault, ArmA: Armed Assault, and ArmA 2.

ArmA: Cold War Assault

Faction United States
Type Transport Helicopter
Seats 14 seats:
  • 1× Pilot
  • 1× Co-Pilot
  • 12× Passengers
Item capacity Max:
  • 3× Weapons
  • 20× Magazines
Top speed ~ 270 km/h
Service ceiling ~ 5,670 m
Fuel capacity 1000 L
Primary armament Rocket Loadout only:
  • 2× FFAR Rocket Pods

MG Loadout only:

  • 1× M2 .50 HMG
Secondary armament None
Variants UH-60 MG

The UH-60 is a transport helicopter that is exclusively used by U.S. military forces in ArmA: Cold War Assault.


  • Roles:
    • Troop transport
    • Light gunship
« Possibly the most versatile helicopter of the Western Forces, Blackhawk is primarily designed for air assault, air cavalry and aeromedical evac. Despite its designation as utility craft, including transport capability of up to fourteen fully equipped soldiers, Blackhawk also can carry weaponry and armor. In addition, modified Blackhawks served as command and control, electronic warfare or special ops platforms.
Vehicle Description


The UH-60 is a four-bladed, twin-engine transport helicopter that is designed as a front-line utility helicopter used for air assault, air cavalry, and aeromedical evacuation purposes.

It can be armed with either a single right side door-mounted .50 cal heavy machine gun, or twin fixed forward-facing 70 mm rocket pods.

The M2 HMG feeds from a single 500 round belt, while each of the FFAR rocket pods are loaded with 19 70 mm rockets fitted with high-explosive (HE) warheads (for a combined total of 38 rockets).

The UH-60 was the primary transport helicopter of the U.S. military at the height of the Cold War.

Replacing the venerable but drastically outdated UH-1 series of light helicopters, the UH-60 is better in almost every way and has increased troop capacity, cargo lift capability, as well as improved armour plating (and therefore survivability).

Compared to its Soviet counterpart, the UH-60 flies faster and handles better at high speeds due to being nimbler. It is also better armoured and has slight resistance against moderate amounts of small arms fire (though not against calibres ranging from 7.62 mm and above).

However, it isn't nearly as efficient when serving in a gunship role due to carrying far less munitions. This is due to its stub wings being shorter and therefore restricting it to fitting only two rocket pods at a time. The Soviet Mi-17 on the other hand, has six rocket pods installed and is able to store and fire up to 192 rockets (in contrast to the UH-60's 38).

Crew Capacity
The UH-60 can transport up to twelve passengers at a time, and has a crew that consists of the pilot and a co-pilot, who also doubles as a gunner and controls the UH-60's weapon systems (regardless of variant).


HMG armed variant. Virtually identical in all aspects aside from the stub wings and rocket pods being removed in favour of a right side door mounted .50 cal HMG.

Transports the same number of passengers as the baseline variant.


  • In reality, the UH-60 MG would have weapons mounted on both side doors. Due to technical limitations with the early versions of the Real Virtuality engine used in Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (the initial release name of Cold War Assault) however, the in-game version is only armed with a single HMG on the right side door.


ArmA 2

Black Hawk
Faction U.S. Army
Type Utility Helicopter
Seats Armed variant: 17 seats:
  • 1× Pilot
  • 1× Co-Pilot
  • 2× Side Gunners
  • 13× Passengers

MEV variant: 9 seats:

  • 1× Pilot
  • 1× Co-Pilot
  • 7× Passengers
Item capacity Max:
  • 30× Weapons
  • 150× Magazines
  • 10× Backpacks
Top speed 295 km/h
Service ceiling ~ 5,644 m
Fuel capacity 600 L
Primary armament Armed only:
  • 2× M134 7.62 mm
Secondary armament Defensive:
  • 60× Countermeasures (Chaff/Flare)
Variants UH-60M MEV, MH-60S

The UH-60M Black Hawk is a medium-lift utility helicopter that is exclusively operated by the U.S. Army in ArmA 2. It was added with the release of the Operation Arrowhead expansion pack.


  • Roles:
    • Utility helicopter
    • Troop transport
    • Aeromedical evacuation
« The Blackhawk is the US Army’s front-line utility helicopter. The Blackhawks performs well in a variety of roles including troop transport, medical evacuation and even the air support. It is capable of carrying 11 combat equipped soldiers or equal load.
Armoury Description


The UH-60M is the latest iteration of the Black Hawk family that was designed to replace the UH-60A. The UH-60M provides additional payload and range, has an enhanced avionics suite, easier handling due to using a new composite spar wide-chord blade, and general improvements to the cockpit with the addition of multi-functional displays.

It is available in two variants; the standard armed troop transport model, and a unarmed sub-variant that is designed to ferry and provide medical assistance to wounded troops.

The armed variant of the UH-60M is equipped by default with twin miniguns fitted to both of the side doors positioned just behind the cockpit. Each minigun feeds from a single 2,000 round 7.62 mm belt for a combined total of 4,000 rounds.

Both function and purpose-wise, the UH-60M is mostly identical to its Cold War Assault predecessor and the U.S. Marine Corps' MH-60S in several ways. It is designed to be able to drop off an entire squad's worth of troops in one go (with additional seats to spare), suppress enemies with its mounted weapons, and evacuate troops from any kind of landing zone.

However, unlike the MH-60S or the Cold War Assault UH-60, the UH-60M can transport one additional passenger (13 versus 12) and is slightly better when it comes to suppressing enemies thanks to its door-mounted miniguns.

The twin M134s can fire off hundreds of 7.62 mm rounds in the span of a few seconds at enemy infantry and light vehicles in both directions, rather than being restricted to using slow-firing machine guns like the MH-60S, or the fixed forward-facing rocket pods on the Cold War Assault UH-60.

Crew Capacity
Regardless of the variant, the UH-60M always has a seating capacity of two for a crew that consists of the pilot and a co-pilot; the latter actually being considered as the fourteenth or eighth passenger depending on the variant.


Unarmed medevac transport. This variant can be identified by its high-visibility red crystal markings located on the front and both sides of the airframe.

It is mostly identical visually and functionality-wise to the baseline UH-60M, but has stub wings attached to both sides of the fuselage where the door gunners would be that carry (purely cosmetic) external fuel tanks on pylons.

Can transport up to seven passengers.



No variants of the Black Hawk possess a Missile Approach Warning System, and will not alert the pilot of incoming missiles that are already mid-flight and locked onto it.


The Black Hawk has a Radar Warning Receiver, and will alert the pilot of being locked onto by radar-based targeting systems.


The Black Hawk has an Infrared Warning Receiver, and will alert the pilot of being locked onto by infrared-based targeting systems.


  • Despite being clearly modelled with external fuel tanks, the MEV variant does not benefit from carrying "additional" fuel and has the same maximum capacity as the regular UH-60M.


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