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The United States Army represents the United States of America in the ArmA series.

Operation FlashpointEdit

Resistance (1982)Edit

US forces led by Blake liberated Nogova from Soviet forces.

Cold War Crisis (1985)Edit

US forces were sent to Everon to eliminate invading hostile forces.

ArmA: Armed Assault (2006)Edit


A U.S. Army soldier in June 2006, during the Sahrani Conflict.

Sahrani ConflictEdit

In 2006, elements of the U.S. Army were in South Sahrani helping to train that country's armed forces, the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani (RACS). After the U.S. training mission concluded, the U.S. Army began withdrawing from the island and back to the United States. However, as they were withdrawing, the North Sahrani army, the SLA, invaded South Sahrani, overwhelming the outmatched RACS and the small U.S. Army presence on the island.

However, with more U.S. Army reinforcements brought in to repel the SLA invasion, supported by USMC air cover in the form of AV-8 Harriers and AH-1 helicopters and USMC M1A1 heavy armor, the U.S. Army and RACS were eventually able to repel North Sahrani's invasion force back across the border. The RACS and U.S. then captured North Sahrani's capital, Bagango, and reunited the country under South Sahrani's government into a united Sahrani.

During the short war, the U.S. Army soldiers wore ACU in UCP with M81 woodland IBA vests.

Rahmadi ConflictEdit

ArmA 2Edit

Arma 2 us pilot

A U.S. Army helicopter pilot at Zargabad airfield in 2012, next to a USAF A-10.

In ArmA 2, the U.S. Army was introduced in a patch that added the AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter gunship. The U.S. Army made its full-scale debut in the standalone expansion Operation Arrowhead. It is based on the current real-world US Army with several differences, most notably the use of SCAR series as the main rifle as opposed to the M16 and M4. It is also one of the most technologically-advanced faction in ArmA 2.

The US Army in Operation Arrowhead distinguishes itself from the US Marines from ArmA 2 by having desert-oriented camouflage for their uniforms and vehicles. This is because the US Army operates in the sandy Takistan.

Operation Arrowhead (2012)Edit

In 2012, the United States launched Operation Arrowhead, an invasion of Takistan in retaliation of their invasion of the neighboring Ardistan. The main objective of the operation include the elimination of the Takistani leader, Col. Aziz.

The operation was a success. The US Army took over the country and eliminated Aziz.

The campaign Operation Arrowhead is solely played using the US Army faction, as does all the single-player and tutorial missions in the expansion.

Operation Crimson LanceEdit

Operation Crimson Lance is a continuation of Operation Arrowhead by the British Armed Forces. The US Army still maintain a powerful presence in Takistan following their successful invasion, however, Takistani militia group have proven to be more resilient and difficult to eliminate.

While the US Army is non-playable in Operation Crimson Lance, it played some role in the background, notably by mistakenly shooting down the helicopter the main character, Brian Frost, was in.

Operation Black Gauntlet (2013)Edit

After installing a new government and creating the New Takistani Army, the United States prepared to withdraw from the country by 2013. In the midst of a civil war and with the dwindling number of regular US Army troops, security has been taken over by Private Military Contractors.

One such company is ION, Inc., formerly known as Black Element, which had been awarded a contract to protect United Nations inspectors investigating the existence of weapons of mass destruction under the old regime. Ex-British paratrooper Sergeant Brian Frost was one of the contractors assigned.

By the end of this campaign, the US Army completed their withdrawal from Takistan.

As with Operation Crimson Lance, the US Army is not a playable faction in the campaign. However, it continues to have important roles in the storyline.

Equipment Edit

The US Army is one of the best equipped forces in all games. It possessed some of the most technologically advanced equipment of the era.

Operation Flashpoint Edit

ArmA Edit

ArmA 2 Edit

Infantry Weapons Edit

Static Defenses Edit

Ground Vehicles Edit

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