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The United States Marine Corps (or simply USMC) is a BLUFOR faction in ArmA 2.

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« Celer, Silens, Mortalis. (Swift, Silent, Deadly.)
USMC Force Reconnaissance motto

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Deployed to the South Zagoria region of Chernarus under a United Nations-sanctioned peacekeeping mandate, the U.S. Marine Corps' presence in the country consists of the 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) operating out of the USS Khe Sanh (LHD-9), a Wasp-class Amphibious Assault Ship based in the Green Sea region.

Their primary objective is to provide training, materiel, and manpower support to the beleaguered Chernarussian Defence Forces (CDF) fighting against the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ) insurgent group, and to restore order in the region back to the hands of the legitimate government-in-exile.

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ArmA 2-era USMC emblem.

Under its new leader, Gregori Lopotev, a powerful insurgent group called the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ) executes the standing prime minister of Chernarus, Alexander Baranov, in retaliation for failed negotiations with the Russian government regarding the integration of Chernarus back into the Russian Federation.

Lopotev declares the nation to be the Chernarussian Socialistic Republic while the legitimate civilian government is forced into exile. An urgent meeting is called in the UN Security Council by the Russian Federation to discuss the state of the crisis gripping the ex-U.S.S.R. nation, and to authorise the deployment of Russian peacekeepers into the region.

Much to Moscow's ire, an American-led force is authorised instead as the 27th MEU is geared into action. Codenamed Operation Harvest Red, the MEU is tasked with the duty of preventing further civilian casualties in the ongoing fighting between ChDKZ and remnants of the CDF, as well as the elimination of all Chedaki forces in South Zagoria.

Events of Harvest Red (2009) Edit

Shortly before invasion starts, a USMC Force Recon fireteam codenamed Razor Team is deployed to a village on the outskirts of South Zagoria's capital Chernogorsk with the objective of destroying a Chedaki communications outpost. Along the way, the team discover incriminating evidence of Chedaki war crimes ranging from mass graves to the torture of the local villagers.


The Battle for Chernogorsk begins as USMC and CDF remnants drive out the ChDKZ

After liberating the village, neutralising their communications, and destroying many of their outposts guarding the coast, the full scale invasion begins. Alongside remnants of the CDF, the Marines of the 27th MEU successfully drive out the Chedaki garrisons in Chernogorsk, Elektrozavodsk, and all other major cities and towns in the southern half of the country.

Lopotev himself and his aide-de-camp are even captured during fighting, after a raid conducted by Razor Team manages to subdue and restrain them. Before they could be brought back to USMC/CDF lines however, a CDF officer turned double agent betrays the team and causes the death of Razor Team's leader, as well as allowing the two leaders to escape into hiding.


Razor Team capture Lopotev and his subordinates

Despite the setback, joint USMC/CDF elements continue their push north with extensive counterinsurgency (COIN) operations to scour the region for remaining Chedaki insurgents.

After unsuccessfully tracing several bad leads on Lopotev's possible whereabouts, Razor Team finally manage to track down the position of Mikola Bardak, one of the escapees who initially managed to evade capture. Though Lopotev himself is nowhere to be found, Bardak is successfully prosecuted by U.S. forces and is brought back to the CDF for interrogation.


Bardak is captured once again by Razor Team

With Bardak in their custody and the southern half of the country liberated, the 27th MEU proceed northward to the regions bordering the Russian Federation to eradicate remaining Chedaki forces. A large ChDKZ base is eventually discovered and wiped out by U.S. forces, along with valuable intel on the possible location of Lopotev gained in the process.

In the meantime, an "alliance" is even (unofficially) struck between anti-Chedaki National Party (NAPA) guerrillas and Razor Team, though they are strongly distrusted by the locals who see the American presence as a hindrance rather than help.

However, a bitter turn of events is reached after news of a terrorist attack in the Russian capital; supposedly carried out by NAPA extremists, injures hundreds and causes the death of many Russian citizens. Denouncing their intervention as being reckless and poorly managed, the Russian Federation demands the removal of all U.S. forces from the region.

Against their better judgement, their UN-approved mandate is revoked and the 27th MEU is forced to stage a complete withdrawal from the country. Russian forces quickly assume their role as peacekeepers in the region and force the CDF to co-operate with them under the new conditions of their intervention.

Unknowingly however, the bombing was actually staged by a rogue Russian Spetsnaz agent called "Karelin", a pro-Chedaki fanatic who intended to force the re-integration of the Chernarussian nation back into folds of the Russian Federation.


Razor Team witness the aftermath of Karelin's attack on Manhattan

Just as Razor Team are dispatched to retrieve intel from an informant's house, Karelin's forces engage and destroy the main USMC Forward Operating Base at Manhattan, with almost no survivors remaining aside from Sabre Team's leader who warns them of Russian involvement in his dying breath.

With all of the MEU's forces having long since evacuated from the country, Razor Team go into hiding with the help of NAPA guerrillas. They manage to reach CDF lines and under new orders from their captain, receive commands to conduct further black operations in the country to uncover the truth behind the bombing, as well as to bring Lopotev to justice; all the while hiding their presence from the scrutiny of the Russians.


Razor Team discuss their options as the CDF/NAPA prepare to deliver a final blow to the ChDKZ

With their covert assistance and leadership, Razor Team manage to help the CDF deliver significant blows against the Chedaki. A formal alliance is also reached with NAPA, who with the addition of evidence retrieved by Razor Team, are proven innocent of the Moscow bombing.

Their efforts eventually pay off as Lopotev is finally captured and brought to the Russians as further proof. With overwhelming hard evidence and the tide of politics against them, the UN Security Council unanimously approves the 27th MEU's redeployment into Chernarus as the Russians themselves are forced to withdraw.

Post-Harvest Red Edit


Completely victorious, Razor Team are debriefed as they return to the Khe Sanh for celebrations

The Chernarussian civil war eventually concludes with the help of the 27th MEU. Peace is finally achieved as USMC forces assist in the reconstruction and stabilisation efforts to bring the country back to normality.

All information regarding Razor Team's involvement is completely denied on public record, with the deaths of Russian soldiers simply being blamed on the mistakes of low-level commanders.

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USMC forces utilise the latest in U.S. military hardware and electro optical systems. Almost every Marine is equipped with a set of night vision goggles, and wear MTV ballistic vests and the Lightweight Helmet. Their uniforms and helmets are concealed by the Corps' iconic digital woodland MARPAT camouflage, while their vests are usually coloured in a darkened coyote brown.

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