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The United States of America, often abbreviated as the US, is a country in North America. Currently, it is the sole superpower in the world. This is reflected in the ArmA series by having the US providing assistance to friendly countries. In ArmA, the US provided military support to the island nation, the Kingdom of South Sahrani
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during the Sahrani war.

A U.S. Army soldier in June 2006, during the Sahrani Conflict.

International relationsEdit

The US is often the most powerful faction in the BLUFOR side. Traditionally, its primary enemy in the OPFOR side is a Russian-equipped country or even the Russian Federation itself.

Operation Flashpoint: ResistanceEdit

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War CrisisEdit

US Forces from Malden are sent to Everon to neutralize hostiles.

ArmA Edit

The US is an ally of South Sahrani and before the Sahrani war, provides soldiers to train local South Sahrani troops. When the Sahrani war breaks out and the Democratic Republic of Sahrani, or North Sahrani, invades, US forces holds out massive assaults on the South Sarani capital, Paraiso and eventually push North Sahrani back to their capital, Bagango.

ArmA 2 Edit

The US backs the government of the ex-Soviet Chernarus in their civil war against communist, pro-Russian ChDKZ insurgents in the province of South Zagoria. Under the name of Operation Harvest Red, US Marines are deployed to assist the Chernarussian Defense Force to recapture the province from the insurgents and arrest their leaders. They are ultimately successful.

In the standalone expansion, Operation Arrowhead, the US Army is deployed to Chernarus' neighbor, Takistan, to overthrow their regime in retaliation to the Takistani invasion of their neighboring country, Ardistan. They successfully eliminate the Takistani leader, only to be faced by a protracted civil war and insurgency.


The armed forces of the United States are separated into the US Air Force, the US Army, the US Navy and the US Marines. The US armed forces are probably the best equipped in the Armed Assault series. In ArmA, they wear universal camouflage pattern clothes with woodland body armor and helmets. US troops are equipped with many different weapons, M16 and M4 assault rifles are the most common weapons found in the hands of US soldiers. The standard side arm of US forces is the M9.

HMMWVs are the primary light combat vehicles with Strykers providing heavier protection, tanks are in the form of the M1A1 Abrams tank, one of the best in the world, Air support is provided with AV-8s, A-10s and AH-1Zs. For air transportation the US Army relies on the UH-60 Blackhawk.

Before the Sahrani war the US Army provides large amounts of US forces to train RACS (Royal Army Corps of Sahrani) troops and to deter an attack by South Sahrani's northern neighbor, the Democratic Republic of Sahrani. During the Sahrani war US forces provides a large amount of support to RACS troops. In the first stage of the Sahrani war most US troops have withdrawn before the invasion but the remaining forces fight bravely until more US force could arrive.

In ArmA 2, the US military is still one of the most sophisticated in-game, alongside Russia. It is depicted to have near-future technologies, such as the F-35 Lightning II strike fighter, V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor transport and numerous UAVs alongside older weapons depicted in the first ArmA. The uniforms also come in digital camouflage patterns to reflect the current ones used by the US military.