V-44X Blackfish
V-44 Blackfish
Faction NATO
Seats Armed

4 (2x Gunner, 1x Pilot, 1x Co-Pilot)
Unarmed 34 (1x Pilot, 1x Co-Pilot, 32x Passengers)

Top speed Unknown
Primary armament 1x Bofors 40mm,
1x GAU-12/U,
1x M102 Howitzer
Secondary armament N/A

The V-44X Blackfish is a VTOL transport aircraft introduced in ArmA 3's Apex expansion.


« The V-44X Blackfish’s third-generation tilt-rotor VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) technology allows this long endurance aircraft to conveniently utilize a wide range of airfields and runways. It also provides unparalleled maneuverability with its unique ability to perform pylon turns or merely hover in place. The huge internal storage allows for transportation of vehicles up to the size and weight of AMV-7 Marshall APC in the vehicle transport variant or up to 32 fully armed soldiers with supplies in the infantry transport variant. The storage space of the gunship variant is fully occupied by automated weapon stations and carried ammunition. »

Capabilities Edit

The vehicle transport variant has room for internal vehicle storage and can transport:

  • Quad bikes (4 max)
  • Prowlers (armed/unarmed, 2 max)
  • UGVs (armed/unarmed, 2 max)
  • Hunters (unarmed only, 1 max + 1 quad bike)
  • Civilian cars and trucks (Maximums: 2 cars, or 1 light truck + 1 quad bike, or 1 heavy (Zamak) truck)
  • Offroads (all variants, 1 max + 1 quad bike)
  • AMV-7 Marshalls (1 max)
  • HEMTT trucks (1 max, and base truck only, not the repair/medical/fuel/ammo/transport variants)
  • Zamak trucks (1 max, all variants)
  • Striders (All variants, 1 max + 1 quad bike)

The Blackfish has a wider range of vehicles it can transport than the vehicle transport Xi'an variant, and is able to carry two passengers in addition to its pilot and copilot. However, the vehicle transport Blackfish is unarmed and relies upon other vehicles to protect it in combat.

For comparison, the infantry transport Blackfish has room for 34 passengers in addition to the pilot and copilot. The 30 passengers in the back are able to parachute out of the vehicle while in flight. This variant is also unarmed.


  • The Blackfish appears to be based on the MV-22 Osprey used by the US Marine Corps, which was featured in ArmA 2, but the rotor propulsion system is based on that of the V-280 Valor, another tiltrotor aircraft similar to the Osprey that is intended to replace the Blackhawk helicopter.
  • According to the Apex Protocol campaign, the Blackfish is unsafe to ride in, being called a "rattletrap" by various members of CTRG's Group 15.


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