« The VSS Vintorez (in English: Thread Cutter) is a suppressed sniper rifle made in Russia. It can be stripped down and transported in a relatively small briefcase and because of this it was mainly used for undercover operations by Spetsnaz. This weapon has a built-in suppression system making it a great infiltration and sniping weapon. The only drawback is the relatively small effective range of about 400m.
Armoury Description

VSS Vintorez 9 mm
Faction Russian Armed Forces
Type Marksman Rifle / SPW
Caliber 9×39 mm
20 / 10
Variants None
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The VSS Vintorez is a 9 mm special purpose marksman rifle that is exclusively used by the Russian Spetsnaz in ArmA 2.

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The VSS Vintorez is a gas operated, selective-fire marksman rifle that is chambered to fire the 9×39 mm cartridge.

It is able to load from either 10 or 20 round box magazines and can attain a maximum fire rate of up to 750 rounds per minute on full auto, with a muzzle velocity of just 300 m/s. The VSS Vintorez has a PSO telescopic sight attached to it by default and uses an integrated suppressor, but otherwise does not support being fitted with any other accessories.

True to its name, the VSS Vintorez is a special purpose weapon that combines the attributes of a compact submachine gun like the PP-19 Bizon with that of a short-range marksman rifle. Exclusively used by the Russian Spetsnaz, it is very powerful at close ranges (300 metres or less) and has little recoil, not to mention that it possesses a high rate of fire that makes it deadly in close quarters combat.


Russian Spetsnaz operative taking out ChDKZ insurgents with the VSS.

Unlike other weapons which rely on muzzle-mounted suppressors, a highlight of the VSS Vintorez is its integrated suppressor. The muzzle flash is barely noticeable and combined with its usage of subsonic 9 mm ammunition, makes finding the source of a shot fired by the VSS Vintorez extremely difficult.

The lack of an audible supersonic crack or visible flash means that targets won't even realise that they're under fire until they actually get hit, and even then finding the shooter's location will be almost impossible; particularly if they're well camouflaged.

However, a consequence of this advantage is that it also serves as the main drawback to the VSS Vintorez. The 9×39 mm round that it fires is extremely slow even by the standards of other subsonic rounds. Noticeably, the rounds can take an upwards of anywhere from 1.5-2 seconds of flight time to hit their targets, even at a close distance.

Combined with its already low muzzle velocity, this restricts the maximum range of the VSS Vintorez to 400 metres or less. But in practice, this means that its real effective range is just 200 metres, as beyond that distance the 9 mm round begins to lose its energy rapidly and will no longer retain its accuracy or damage.

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  • The VSS Vintorez is incorrectly called by its real-life manufacturer name instead of being referred to by its actual GRAU index code of 6P29.

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