Vahid Namdar is the commander of Mediterranean CSAT forces during the events of The East Wind in ArmA 3.

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Namdar served as the leader of all Mediterranean CSAT forces operating on the island nation of the Republic of Altis and Stratis, and was the commander of Gryffin Regiment.

Prior to the NATO invasion of Altis, Namdar was based at the Altis International Airport and directed all AAF-CSAT counterinsurgency operations against the FIA from his command post at the airport.

He was later forced to relocate south towards the southern peninsula of the island, and retreated alongside the remaining CSAT forces at Selekano before the AAF's unconditional surrender to NATO forces.

During the events of Apex Protocol, Namdar makes a minor reappearance as CSAT's representative for the peace talks being held in Kavala, and is responsible for negotiating a joint peacekeeping deal alongside NATO forces to oversee the demilitarisation of the island following the conflict's end.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Namdar appears to be a middle-aged Iranian male with dark skin, a faint beard, and trimmed black hair.

He dons the standard attire of a Mediterranean CSAT officer which consists of Brown Hexacam-camouflaged officer fatigues, but does not wear the standard black beret and chooses to wear a camouflaged field cap instead.

Trivia Edit

  • He is one of the few antagonists in the series that does not make an actual appearance in any of the canonical missions.
  • Namdar has a unique face (classname: O_Colonel) that can be used for units placed in the editor. However, it's merely a reused texture used by generic Altian males, and is not Namdar's actual identity as shown in one of briefing videos for Apex Protocol.
  • In the original iterations of the ArmA 3 storyline (2011-2012), Namdar's profile and background was more extensively detailed, and was clearly meant to have played a more important role in the story compared to his current version.
    • It is explained that he joined an organisation known as "The Lions Movement" in his youth, and later enlisted into the military where he became an airborne officer.
    • He would eventually become involved in an incident known only as the "Esfahan coup d’état" in 2024, which resulted in Iran's theocracy being overthrown.
    • His later actions varied depending on each iteration of the The East Wind. Both plots involved the ever-expanding Republic of Iran becoming embroiled in a full-scale conflict with NATO:
      • The 2011 iteration notes that he was involved in the "First Battle of Brno" where his airborne regiment assisted in the breakthrough against NATO defences. In 2030, he would be reassigned to an unidentified post with the Iranian military's "European Theatre Command" in the occupied city of Izmir, Turkey.
        • He was then placed in charge of overseeing the development of an experimental weapons project on the former Greek island of "Limnos" (Limnos was the former name of Altis before the setting was changed by the development team), where he also worked under General Ostad Javeed Attar; the CEO of "Red Pegasus Engineering".
      • The 2012 iteration on the other hand, mostly retains Namdar's original backstory but scales back his achievements.
        • This was due to the war being contained early on with the signing of the Jerusalem Peace Accords in 2034, which put an indefinite halt to Iranian expansionism into Southern Europe.
        • He was noted for being the only commander who successfully broke through NATO lines at the Rhodope Prefecture in Greece. He also led the invasion of Limnos and managed to crush the USMC's 27th MEU, who were defending the island from an expected Iranian invasion.
    • Unfortunately, none of this profile information has been retained in the final version of the campaign, with Namdar himself simply being reduced to a speechless antagonist that never physically appears outside of a few cutscenes and being mentioned on an ORBAT diagram.

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