Victor Troska
Victor Troska






25 September, 1982 (aged 42)










Freedom & Independence Alliance (FIA)


Fox, Captain

Victor Troska is the main protagonist in Resistance campaign. 


Before Nogovo War

Victor Troska has a somewhat enigmatic background. Born on Nogova, he was exiled as a young man and forced to leave the island.

He found himself serving in various foreign special forces and secret service organisations — where he met major James Gastovski — before returning to Nogova during the 1974 revolution.

He played a significant role in those events, which ultimately led to the dissolution of the pro-soviet regime and the establishing of a new democratic republic.

He then joined the police force and helped to maintain stability and order on the island, rising through the ranks and eventually becoming a judge.

At this time he also started a relationship with the young widow Liz. Her husband was friend of Troska. She was taken as a hostage by Soviet forces and killed in a firefight between resistance and Soviet forces.

Nogova War


Victor as a partisan leader.

In 1982, Nogova was invaded by Soviet forces led by colonel Guba. Soviets established pro-soviet regime led by president Ostrovsky but they had to face partisans who started war against regime and occupants.

Victor who didn't want to fight in another war rejected option to join resistance (represented by FIA) but the situation forced him to do so. He became leader of FIA and led his soldiers to battles that didn't look well but Victor's skills and experiences led to victories. FIA started to grow and NATO decided to support Nogovan resistance movement. FIA was joined by group of US special foces led by Victor's friend James Gastovski.

ArmA 2 - Remember Viktor Troska HD 1080p Words of Wisdom

ArmA 2 - Remember Viktor Troska HD 1080p Words of Wisdom

Video that commemorates Victor (ArmA 2 engine).

Successes of FIA led Colonel Guba to make negotiations efforts - he captured group of civilians including Liz and blackmailed Victor, in a negotiation meeting, the Soviets tried to kill Victor but partisans fought them back. Liz died in the fight and Victor decided to push Soviets out of country.

FIA destroyed bridge in Davle which divided Soviet forces in two. At first Victor destroyed Soviet forces in Lipany, Nogova's capital and then forces in Petrovice. Rest of Soviet force stayed in the airport where they prepared air forces to bomb the country by napalm .

Victor is forced to singlehandedly attack the airport. He was capable enough to destroy all the aircrafts and save the country but is presumbably killed. Since then he was missing in action because his body was never found. In a non-cannon ending, Troska fails to destroys the Soviet bombers and the island is bombed.


  • He is considered to be the most developed protagonist in ArmA series.
  • There are 2 endings in Resistance campaign. In the non-canon storyline he helps Soviets suppress the resistance but Guba decides to kill him because he can't trust someone who betrayed his own people.
  • It is heavily hinted that his wife is a spy from Chechnya.