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Viper is a CSAT-affiliated Chinese special operations unit deployed on Tanoa to assist the guerrilla group, Syndikat, as part of a proxy-war against NATO. The group is known for using prototype military gear with higher stealth and optics technology than conventional NATO and CSAT forces.

Apex Protocol Edit

Viper Team is sent to Tanoa to support Syndikat in their operations after a tsunami caused by the Eastwind device. This unit supplies Syndikat with various CSAT weaponry, with the goal of using them as deterrent, keeping foreign powers away from Tanoa.

As the CTRG sabotages Syndikat's operations, Viper Team joins the fight and tries to ambush any, if not, all NATO special operations units. At the same time, Viper Team captures CTRG's Group 14 leader, Captain Scott Miller, who had been spying both Syndikat and CSAT's activities in Tanoa for the NATO headquarters.

Later, after CTRG managed to attack a small black site on Sosovu Island, they found Syndikat had betrayed Viper Team and killed all its members on the island.


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