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The Y-32 Xi'an is a VTOL aircraft deployed to the region of Tanoa by CSAT pacific forces.

Y-32 Xi'an
Y-32 Xian
Faction CSAT
Seats 18 (1 X Pilot, 1 X Gunner, 16 X Passengers)
Item capacity Unknown
Fuel capacity Unknown
Primary armament 1x 30mm Gatling Cannon (1x 250 HE Rnds, 1x 250 AP Rnds)

8x Skalpel ATGM
2x Skyfire Unguided rocket pods (19 Rnds HE each)

Secondary armament 168x Countermeasures (Flare/Chaff)
Variants Y-32 Xi'an (Infantry Transport)

Y-32 Xi'an (Vehicle Transport



« This was by far the largest CSAT joint development project, and it eventually became one of the most expensive programs in military procurement history. The final solution was based upon the most promising prototype designed in Xi'an, which was able to meet most of the requirements. High running and maintenance costs remains in issue that plagues the reputation of the otherwise extremely progressive aircraft with many unique features and cutting-edge technologies. »

Capabilities Edit

The vehicle transport variant has room for internal vehicle storage and can transport:

  • Quad bikes (2 max)
  • Qilins (armed/unarmed, 1 max)
  • UGVs (armed/unarmed, 1 max)
  • Civilian cars (but not trucks)
  • Offroads (only repair and unarmed variants)

The Xi'an has a narrower range of vehicles it can transport than the vehicle transport Blackfish variant, but makes up for it with 8 Skalpel anti-tank guided missiles, 38 Skyfire unguided air-to-ground missiles, a built-in laser designator, and a pivoting 30 mm cannon with 500 rounds of ammo.

The infantry transport variant has the same weapon loadout and can transport 16 infantrymen instead of vehicles.

Trivia Edit

  • The Xi'an is named after a city in China. Real-world Y-20 military transport plane is designed by Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation; therefore, a more appropriate name will be "Xi'an Y-32".
  • The design aesthetic of the Xi'an's cockpit, and its dual role as a gunship and troop transport, incorporate influences from the Mi-24 Hind.


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