Faction CSAT
Type Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Vehicle
Seats 3 (1 x Driver, 1 x Commander, 1 x Gunner)
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed ~ 95 km/h
Fuel capacity 1885 L
Primary armament 2x Autocannon 35mm (680 Rnds HE)
Secondary armament - 4x Titan surface-to-air missiles
- 1x Smoke Generator (2 Charges)
Variants BTR-K Kamysh

The ZSU-39 Tigris is CSAT's primary anti-aircraft vehicle in ArmA 3.


« The infantry fighting vehicle BTR-K Kamysh and its anti-aircraft cousin ZSU-39 Tigris share the same vehicle platform. Developed by Russia with a pinch of undeniable inspiration from Israeli IFVs, they serve in the CSAT army as a prime example of a leveling of the technology field with the West. The Tigris is fitted with a 35mm autocannon and 4 Titan AA missiles.
Field Manual


  • Like the Kamysh, the chassis of the Tigris is likely to have been based on a combination of two real-world tracked vehicles; the "BMPT" and the "BTR-T" IFVs.
  • The gun turret itself however, is a shared design that is also used by the IFV-6a. It is based on the real-world "Marksman" anti-aircraft gun system.
  • The ZSU acronym (Russian: Zenitnaia Samokhodnaia Ustanovka) is a designation used for Russian gun-based, self-propelled Anti-Aircraft vehicles.
  • However, as with its parent vehicle the Kamysh, the Tigris' designation is somewhat of a misnomer since ZSU vehicles typically follow a specific naming convention. An example of this would be the real-world "ZSU-23-4 Shilka"; ZSU designates that it is a SPAAG, followed by its calibre being 23mm (-23), and finally that the system has 4 cannons (-4).
  • As a result, the Tigris' name would suggest that it fires 39mm shells despite the in-game cannons actually being chambered to fire 35mm shells. Therefore the correct designation for it would actually be ZSU-35-2 Tigris.


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