ArmA 3's Zeus DLC adds the curator module, a showcase mission, and several Zeus-based multiplayer scenarios. It is a free DLC that is available by default to all ArmA 3 owners and was released on April 10th, 2014.

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When activated in a mission, it allows players to assume the position of "Zeus". While playing as Zeus, one can place almost every object, structure, and AI unit available via the Eden editor in real-time.

Objectives can also be created or removed instantly for all sides, and the scenario's settings (time of day, weather, etc.) can be modified on the go. Players are also able to "call" upon Zeus to aid them at the press of a button.

Multiplayer-based Game Master scenarios for each faction were also included, which range from co-operative to player versus player deathmatch and Sector Control missions.

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  • Zeus Game Master

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